アラスカブッシュピープルスニークピーク: ブラウンズは総主教ビリーを悼みながら牧場で前進する

アラスカブッシュピープルスニークピーク: ブラウンズは総主教ビリーを悼みながら牧場で前進する

The Brown family is looking to uphold patriarch Billy Brown‘s legacy by executing his dream of making their ranch successful.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive スニークピーク at Sunday’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, Ami Brown gathers her family around to discuss their plans for the Washington state property, dubbed North Star Ranch.

ビリー, 彼女の夫, 死亡しました 2月に. 7 after suffering a seizure at age 68. The couple share daughters Rain and Snowbird and sons クマ, Matt, バンバン, Gabe and Noah.

Sad as it may be, da’s not right here with us, not physically, but we know in spirit he is,” Ami, 58, says in the new clip. “And we know what all da wanted — we have to go on, that’s what we do.

“悲しい, we miss him and we wish he were still with us but you have to be strong and continue with life,” 彼女はそれからカメラに話します. “The dream hasn’t died nor has it changed. Billy would want the ranch to continue with more vigor and make it even bigger and better than it was going to be.

Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People
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Ami shares that she’s drawn up a plan for aLittle House on the Prarie-type barnfor them to keep their livestock in.

Are we able to get a barn up with all the snow that we have still up there?” asks Bear, 38. “Don’t we have to wait until it melts off so that we can get a proper foundation?”

Well we’ll build fires on it and stuff,” Ami suggests. “I’ll help you shovel. We have a lot of shovels, Noah has a tractor.

We can do what we can to try and build a barn and try and get it ready to bring the animals back up,” adds Bam Bam, 37. “Because we need to bring up all the horses.

告白室で, Bam Bam explains that it’s important they get the animals on the ranch as soon as possible.

We’re still doing this,” 彼は言い​​ます. “This will be a working ranch and farm. It will be everything we said it would be and we will make it work no matter what happens.

Billy Brown, Alaskan Bush People

Billy Brown, Alaskan Bush People
Billy Brown
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Rain, 18, then chimes in, グループに言う, “One of the last things that da and I had talked about doing was trying to find gold on the mountain, and I was just wondering if I can just go forward with that.

“もちろん,” Ami says, while Rain says she ismore determined than ever to pursue gold on North Star Ranch.

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“わかった, みんな. There’s so much we can do,” Ami says.

I think we should do everything, we should just do everything we lined out,” Bam Bam replies. “I don’t see why it would change. Da gave us the plan, all we have to do is do it.

It’s just the closing and the end of an era, and the beginning of another,” Ami concludes.

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