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Nina Dobrev Raves About Boyfriend Shaun White Ahead of Olympics: ‘I’m So Proud of Him

Nina Dobrev Raves About Boyfriend Shaun White Ahead of Olympics: 'I'm So Proud of Him'

Nina Dobrev is applauding her boyfriend, snowboarder Shaun White, for making it to his fifth Winter Olympics.

Dobrev, 33, expressed her excitement for the pro athlete, 35, while appearing on E! Notícia’ Pop diário na terça-feira.

I am really excited for him,” ela disse Pop diário of her reaction to White’s upcoming Olympic Games. Dobrev added, “Just to get into the Olympics at all is one of the hugest accomplishments, let alone to get in five times. Eu estou tão animado. I’m so proud of him.

White will be the oldest U.S. halfpipe rider in the history of the Winter Games when he competes in Beijing next month. He’ll be joined on the men’s halfpipe team by Taylor Gold, Chase Josey and Lucas Foster.

Nina Dobrev/Instagram

Nina Dobrev/Instagram
Crédito: Nina Dobrev/Instagram

While her boyfriend is known for his impressive and lengthy career on the slopes, Dobrev said she’s no stranger to the sport herself.

O Diários de Vampiros estrela disse Pop diário, “I actually have been snowboarding since I was really little,” ela disse. “I skied first and then I switched over to snowboarding at probably 8 or 9.

“eu penso [Branco] was more surprised when we went [snowboarding] pela primeira vez,” ela disse. “He was expecting to wait for me and it was quite the opposite. I had already passed him by a landslide … I can keep up!”

Dobrev and White have been linked since 2019, when the two first began dating after first meeting at an event organized by motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Branco disse à PEOPLE that he and Dobrev moved in together at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and quickly busied themselves with projects around their home.

We went to the hardware store [e] bought a bunch of paint, and brushes and definitely got in over our heads, but it was really fun,” ele disse, adicionando, “Nina’s just been so supportive and so amazing through this whole process for me. Through the pandemic, she was a lifesaver — she really made that time in my life special.

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White opened up about his relationship in an earlier interview with PESSOAS Outubro passado. No momento, the snowboarder said he and Dobrev have abeautiful relationship.

Nina’s incredible. What an influence on my life,” ele disse. “Not only does she run her own show, her own world, companies she’s involved in, things she’s producing, all this stuff going on. She holds me to this same high standard which is so wonderful to have in a partner.