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Rust Crew Member Details Troubling ‘Red Flags’ em Cenário de Tiro Fatal

Rust Crew Member Details Troubling 'Red Flags' on Set Ahead of Fatal Shooting

Antes de o fatal on-set shooting que matou o cinegrafista Halyna Hutchins e diretor ferido Joel Souza, the production of Ferrugem was rife with “bandeiras vermelhas,” according to a crew member who worked on the film.

While filming the Western on Thursday in New Mexico, Alec Baldwin fired a loaded prop gun during rehearsal, striking Hutchins, 42, and also hitting Souza, 48. Agora, uma Ferrugem crew member tells PEOPLE, that to them, the filming environment felt unsafe leading up to Hutchins’ morte.

The insider tells PEOPLE they sawa lot of red flagswhile watching armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed. On film sets, the armorer is generally tasked with overseeing weapons.

Alec Baldwin, Halyna Hutchins

Alec Baldwin, Halyna Hutchins
Alec Baldwin, Halyna Hutchins
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According to the crew member, Gutierrez Reed didn’t keep her weapons “seguro” e “locked upwhile filming. A photo provided by the person (visto acima) shows guns strewn about on a prop table.

There’s a lot of times where her little cart that has her weapons — I’ve been on other shoots where they’re very safe and professional,” the crew member says. “No one handles those weapons but the armorer and they keep them safe … She just had them on a cart, unattended sometimes where anybody could grab it, tamper with it.

PEOPLE has reached out to Gutierrez Reed for comment.

Although they saw “bandeiras vermelhas” with how Gutierrez Reed handled the weapons on set, the crew member tells PEOPLE it wasset etiquette” para “stay in your lane” e “not to say anything.

You’re just like, 'Oh, Nós vamos, você sabe, I don’t do that. This is my craft. I gotta stay in my lane. What am I to tell someone how to do their job,’ ” eles disseram.

Despite reports saying Gutierrez Reed was aninexperiencedarmorer who had been called in to replace the original armorer, the crew member insists she had been on the Ferrugem definir “since day one.

That armorer has always been the armorer,” eles dizem. “I read reports where they’re saying that the experienced armorer walked off and then they hired an inexperienced person. That’s false. She was always there working.

The crew member also describes concerning moments with assistant director Dave Halls. While shooting a scene in an old building located at Bonanza Creek Ranch, the crew member says Halls seemed unsure whether the structure would hold all of the cast and crew as they filmed a scene on the second floor.

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During the second take, Halls allegedly told everyone, “‘If you don’t need to be up here, I want you to go downstairs. I don’t know if this top floor is built or has the structure to hold all of us up here,’ ” the crew member says, adicionando, “That was scary.

Halls has also been reached out to by PEOPLE for comment.

A source close to the production tells PEOPLE, “Ten days into production, three full set safety meetings were held, including one the morning of the incident.

O Ferrugem O set de filmagem foi encerrado e a produção pausada indefinidamente após Hutchins’ morte, de acordo com a produtora, Rust Movie Productions, LLC.

In an email to the film’s crew, obtido por PESSOAS, a Ferrugem equipe de produção disse, “Estamos conduzindo uma revisão interna dos protocolos de segurança. Como acontece com qualquer investigação em andamento, somos limitados em nossa capacidade de dizer qualquer coisa mais publicamente ou em particular, e peça sua paciência a esse respeito.”

With reporting by Stephanie Bauer