Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Reach Agreement to Settle Their Divorce

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Confirm Divorce

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Confirm Divorce

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill .
写真: Nick Roses

[object Window]Mike Hill have officially agreed to the terms of their divorce.

According to divorce documents obtained by PEOPLE, アトランタの本当の主婦 ミョウバン, 55, and the TV host, 52, agreed there isno chance of reconciliation.

丘, who is the defendant in the case, also acknowledged the couple’s marriageis irretrievably broken and agrees to the dissolution of their marriage.

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The former couple had no real or personal property to divide and they nevershared any bank accounts or investment accounts jointly,” according to their settlement terms. Bailey and Hill are the owners and residents oftwo separate and distinct residences.

The parties — who both declined alimony — will also maintain their own retirement accounts and insurance plans.

The divorce case is not yet finalized and the next court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 5, 文書によると.

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Nick Roses

木曜日に, Bailey and Hill also filed a motion to seal further documents from release due toa grave interest in protecting both their privacy interest and mental health” なので “public figures.

The parties assert that there are certain private matters concerning the dissolution of their marriage which may raise issues concerning both the moral character and embarrassing acts of one of the parties,” the filing stated.

The request continued, “These facts are perceived to have a strong probability of potentially adversely compromising one or both parties reputation, 画像, business dealings, and will significantly harm the parties mentally, 心理的に, financially and emotionally.

The news comes after Bailey 離婚を申請 from Hill in October after two years of marriage. 人々への声明の中で, Bailey revealed she has kept a close friendship with Hill — though the pair had decided they were no longer romantically compatible.

Although that journey has come to an end, I am so grateful for our continued friendship, and the beautiful memories that we made together,” 彼女は言いました. “God willing, I will find love again. Whatever is destined to be, になります; and I could not be more excited for my next chapter!”

ベイリーは付け加えた, “I pray my friends, 家族, and fans will continue to be along for the ride with me in this awesome thing we call ‘life!’ Thank you for your continued prayers, サポート, and well wishes.

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In a separate statement to PEOPLE, Hill said he was “ありがたい” その彼らの “friendship remains rock soliddespite the split.

We’ve been thinking about going our separate ways for the last few months, so it was good for us both to have that time to process it all privately,” 彼は続けた. “I can smile knowing she’ll always be there for me as I will be for her.

During a November appearance on タマラジャッジテディメレンキャンプアロヤベ'NS Two Ts in a Pod ポッドキャスト, アトランタの本当の主婦 alum revealed thefinal strawbefore the pair’s breakup.

I felt like we weren’t friends anymore,” ベイリーは言った. “I felt like it was just going toward we’re just not going to be friends if we didn’t pump the brakes.

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This is not my first rodeo. I think friendship just has to be there in a marriage,” 彼女は続けた. “好き, love is great, but friendship has to be there. I truly want to be with my best friend.