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Geena Davis e Ex Reza Jarrahy finalizam o divórcio, Concordar em mudar gêmeos de 17 anos’ Últimos nomes

Geena Davis e Ex Reza Jarrahy finalizam o divórcio, Agree to Change 17-Year-Old Twins' Last Names

Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy have finalized their divorce, de acordo com documentos judiciais obtidos por PEOPLE.

Per divorce judgment papers filed Dec. 3 with the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, the two agreed the details of their divorceshall not be disclosed by them to any third parties.

Davis, 65, and Jarrahy, 50, have three kids together — 17-year-old twin sons Kaiis Steven and Kian William, plus 19-year-old daughter Alizeh Keshvar. In their divorce, the two agreed to change their two minor children’s last names from Davis-Jarrahy to just Jarrahy, leaving Davis as a second middle name for both, de acordo com os documentos do tribunal.

O par qua em setembro. 1, 2001. Jarrahy filed for divorce from Davis em maio 2018 depois de quase 17 anos de casamento. According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE at the time, the surgeon cited irreconcilable differences and stated Nov. 15, 2017, as their date of separation.

Geena Davis and Family

Geena Davis and Family
Geena Davis and family in May 2017
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Davis, no entanto, later claimed she and her ex were never legally married.

In a document filed in September 2018, a Thelma & Louise actress stated that while they celebrated amarriage-like ceremonyin New York’s Hamptons, they never obtained a marriage license or paid the license fees.

This made itimpossible for them to follow the 24-hour waiting periodbefore their ceremony, de acordo com o documento. (New York and California law state all couples who want to marry are required to obtain a marriage license and wait 24 hours before legally marrying.)

She further claimed she and Jarrahyaffirmatively decided not to obtain a marriage licensein either state because theynever intended to marry.

According to reporting from a Los Angeles Daily News no momento, Jarrahy maintained that the marriage was valid because his father, quem oficiou a cerimônia, was a recognized officiant under Islamic law.

Prior to her relationship with Jarrahy, Davis was previously married to Finnish film director Renny Harlin (1993–98), dela The Fly costar Jeff Goldblum (1987–90), and restaurateur Richard Emmolo (1982–83).

De volta 2006, ela disse Boa arrumação ela wasn’t nervous at allabout entering her fourth marriage: “I really did feel that I had turned a corner, that I had pulled off changes that were real and permanent.