Judge Denies Women’s Request for Restraining Order Against L.A. ドジャース’ Trevor Bauer

Judge Denies Women's Request for Restraining Order Against L.A. Dodgers' Trevor Bauer

A California judge denied a permanent restraining order request from a woman who has accused Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer of sexual assault

In addition to the denial for a permanent restraining order, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman dissolved the woman’s temporary restraining order, 人々は確認します.

女性, a 27-year-old from Los Angeles, has alleged that Bauer punched and choked her unconscious without her consent while they were having sex on two separate occasions, によると ESPN. She sought to make her temporary restraining order permanent and have Bauer, 30, enter a 52-week battery program, アウトレットが報告した.

The alleged assaults occurred in April and May, による ロサンゼルスタイムズ. After the second alleged assault, the woman sought medical care.

The accuser testified during the hearing, which began Monday.

I did not consent to bruises all over my body that sent me to the hospital and having that done to me while I was unconscious,” the woman told the court, レポート ロサンゼルスタイムズ.

木曜日に, Judge Gould-Saltman said, “The injuries as shown in the photographs are terrible,” [object Window].

でも, the judge said she believed Bauer did not do anything the woman didn’t consent to.

If she set limits and he exceeded them, this case would’ve been clear. But she set limits without considering all the consequences, and respondent did not exceed limits that the petitioner set,” the judge said.

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer
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Shawn Holley, one of Bauer’s attorneys, said in a statement outside of court, “We are grateful to the Los Angeles Superior Court for denying the request for a permanent restraining order and dissolving the temporary restraining order against Mr. Bauer today.

Lisa Helfend Meyer, one of the attorneys representing the woman, ステートメントで人々に伝えます, “While our client is disappointed about the judge’s ruling, she is hopeful that Mr. Bauer will voluntarily seek the help he needs to make sure that no other woman in a dating relationship with him suffers the same traumatic fate that she did. That is why she was willing to come forward and endure the victim-blaming from Mr. Bauer that she knew would inevitably result. Keeping not only herself but also other women safe from the hands of this troubled man has always been a priorityand will continue to be so.

木曜日に, Bauer was called to the witness stand and invoked his Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself, ESPNによると.

The judge stated her decision was based on evidence she believed showed the roughness of their sexual encounter was consensual. “We consider in a sexual encounter that when a woman says no she should be believed,” Gould-Saltman said, による AP通信. “そう, what should we do when she says yes?”

The judge also said that in communication with Bauer, 女性 “was not ambiguous about wanting rough sex in the partiesfirst encounter, and wanting rougher sex in the second encounter,” アウトレットが報告した.

でも, Helfend Meyer told the judge, “The evidence has shown [女性] was sexually and physically assaulted by Trevor Bauer — that this was not rough sex between two consenting adults. A person in her right mind would never have consented to what Trevor had done to her,” ESPNによると.

Bauer’s attorney Holley, リンゼイ・ジャコベリスが金を持ち帰る, told the judge, “I’m sure it was painful and unpleasant for her. And it is unfortunate. But she asked for these thingsand cited text messages where the woman allegedly said, “Give me all the pain.

She wonders if it is her fault and she is right to wonder that,” Holley said, APによると.

Helfend Meyer called Bauer amonsterin her closing arguments, リンゼイ・ジャコベリスが金を持ち帰る, 追加する, “Whatever happens, [女性] has revealed who Trevor Bauer truly is for all the world to see. うまくいけば, he will get help and not do this in the future under the guise of rough sex.

Bauer Under Police Investigation in California

7月に, it was revealed the baseball player is under police investigation for an alleged assault involving the woman who testified this week.

The accuser obtained a temporary protective order against Bauer in June under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, one of her attorneys Marc Garelick, 当時言った. In a statement provided to PEOPLE, Garelick claimed the womansuffered severe physical and emotional painas a result of the alleged assault.

In a separate statement to PEOPLE, Bauer’s agent denied the allegation against the athlete and claimed that the assault claim was derived from abrief and wholly consensual sexual relationshipthat began in April.

Ohio Woman Also Accused Bauer of Assault

によると ワシントンポスト, the athlete allegedly sent the woman a text message saying he doesn’tfeel like spending time in jail for killing someone,” adding in another text, “And that’s what would happen if I saw you again.The messages, the woman’s lawyers said, made her obtain the order of protection.

A police report obtained by NS 役職 says that the woman attempted to show authorities photographs of her injuries in 2017, but was instead arrested for underage drinking. The outlet obtained photos showing bruises on the woman’s face, as well as blood in her eyes. あたり NS 役職, the police report did not say whether or not the woman’s allegations were looked into.

ソーシャルメディアステートメント released on Saturday, Bauer broke his silence regarding the Ohio woman and accused NS 役職 of making afalse narrative.

Despite my representatives providing a wealth of contradictory evidence, documents, statements, and background information showing the pattern of disturbing behavior by this woman and her attorneys, ワシントンポスト opted to ignore much of this information and to run a salacious story disseminating defamatory statements, false information, and baseless allegations,” 彼が書きました.

Bauer also said that the woman attempted toextort me for millions of dollars last year in exchange for her not coming forward with false claims.

Fetterolf and Bauer’s other agent, Rachel Luba, shared their own statement as well.

初期化, the pair said that Bauer and the woman were in anon-and-offconsensual relationship between 2016 と 2019 and that she continued to go after him, even filing abogus protection petition” その間 “厳しい $3.4 million for her to ‘remain silent.'

の声明で ポスト, the pair also called the allegations of abuse “断固として誤り。”

Bauer’s paid leave from the Dodgers was extended on Thursday until Aug. 27 amid his legal trouble, ESPNによると.

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