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90 dias’ : Tiffany and Ronald Tip-Toe Around Reconciling as She Fears ‘Trying Again and Failing

It’s decision time for Tiffany Franco em 90 Dia: A vida de solteiro when estranged husband Ronald Smith dives straight into the one conversation she’s been dreading.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, Tiffany makes it clear during a car ride with Ronald that she is focused on the happiness of their daughter, Carley, but he insists on talking through how they canfixtheir relationship — for a third time.

I’ve been actually avoiding having this conversation because my objective is making sure that we are able to co-parent,” she tells him.

Ronald shoots back, “But how do we raise the kids co-parenting [quando] I’m not even part of it?”

When directly questioned, Tiffany admits she does see a chance of getting back together with Ronald.

I’m not trying to throw the fact that we might reconcile out the window,” ela diz, “but I don’t want to make the same mistakes we made the first time.

Tiffany and Ronald 90 Day Fiance

Tiffany and Ronald 90 Day Fiance


Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship fell apart during season 6 do 90 Day Fiance: Felizes para sempre? Ronald was still living in South Africa while Tiffany was living in America with Carley and her son Daniel from a previous relationship.

The couple — who never legally divorced — did get back together briefly in early 2021, but they confirmed on social media that July that they’d once again split.

On the upcoming episode, it seems Ronald is aware of his personal failings in the relationship and wants to ensure their connection time around has a healthier foundation.

I’m willing to do what I’m asked to be with my family,” ele diz. “I want to be back together with my family.

Tiffany admits her “[object Window]: trying again and failing. … If we work on things, I want us to have a happy marriage, but I can’t make that decision right off the bat,” ela diz.

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco

Ronald Smith/Instagram

Tiffany explains why she wants to take things slow, but Ronald is on a different page. “We need to find a middle ground. You want to wait with it, you want to see how things go. But I want to know now what’s happening with the relationship. That’s the idea with the chat. You need to make a decision.

You are married. I’m married,” he reminds her. “So either we fix this, or we don’t. It’s not about ‘Let’s see how this goes.’ Não. It doesn’t work like that.

Tiffany later shares in a confessional interview how she really feels about the ultimatum: “I don’t appreciate the pressure that Ronald’s in to, gostar, jumping head-first into a reconciliation. I want us to both be happy. And if that’s impossible, we can’t get back together.

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90 Dia: A vida de solteiro vai ao ar às segundas-feiras 8 PM. ET em TLC.