男は手が届かなかったレターマンジャケットと再会 30 数年前—彼の兄弟に感謝します

Man Reunites with Letterman Jacket He Couldn't Afford  30 数年前—彼の兄弟に感謝します

An Arizona man has been reunited with his high school letterman jacket after nearly 30 years — and it’s all thanks to his brother’s thrift store adventures.

Jed Mottley still can’t believe that his brother Josh found his Chaparral High School jacket from the ’90s at Veterans Village Thrift Store in Pinetop-Lakeside recently, 報告.

It means a lot to me, 実際に. I thought about it over the years that I never got it,” 彼はアウトレットに言った. “And to have my brother find itif it was someone else that found it would cool but the fact I found it four hours away up in Lakeside makes it even crazier.

According to Jed, he ordered the letterman jacket from his high school 28 years ago but never picked it up because it cost $300-400 and his family was unable to afford it at the time.

I loved my football team. I loved all the guys on the team. Most of them had letterman jackets. I was bummed,” he said of the jacket. “I didn’t tell anybody. I was a little embarrassed about it.

Jed moved on from the disappointment, though he would think about the jacket every now and then.

Just recently Jed received a phone call from his brother, who was at a thrift store with some exciting news, according to Arizona’s Family.

He calls and says, ‘Jed, was there any other Jeds in Chaparral in 1994?'” Jed recalled to the outlet. “私は言った, 「いや, just one.I looked down. 彼は言った, 'お前, I just sent you this picture of your jacket.I couldn’t believe it.'

The scene was equally as thrilling at the store, according to Josh.

He’s on speaker cause my phone’s broken. I can only talk on speaker so there’s all these people in the store and he’s going, 'どこにいるの? There’s no way!'” Josh explained to the outlet. “私は好きだった, ‘I swear to you, this is happening right now, ジェド. I didn’t make this up.'

People in the store were like, '何が起こっている?'” 彼は続けた. “私は彼らに言います. They are freaking out.

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After Josh purchased the jacket for $25, the brothers met up on Tuesday, when Jed was finally reunited with his long-lost beloved jacket.

It was a moment that both believe was made possible by their late mother, who died nine years ago, according to Arizona’s Family.

My mom was like, ‘If I ever go, I’m going to send signals,'” Josh explained to the outlet. “私は好きだった, ‘Where are these signals, 母親?’ This was it!”

If this isn’t a sign, 何なのかわかりません,” added Jed. “If I had this the whole time, it would probably be all beat up and sit in the back of my closet. Now I’m going to wear this thing with pride.

With the jacket now reunited with its rightful owner, Veterans Village Thrift Store said they’re hoping to do the same for others — free of charge, according to Arizona’s Family.

The shop, どれの donates 100% of its proceeds to local veterans, said they recently received about 1,000 letterman jacket donations from all over the state. Though many have been claimed, others are still waiting to be picked up, アウトレットが報告した.

Those who believe their letterman jacket might be at Veterans Village Thrift Store should contact store representative Maggie Heath at (602) 689-8056.