ベン・アフレックは「尊敬していました’ 「難しい」の中でジェニファー・ガーナーのために’ 離婚: 「私は彼女が良いお母さんであることを知っていました’

Ben Affleck Had 'Respect' for Jennifer Garner amid 'Difficult' Divorce: 'I Knew She Was a Good Mom'

ベン・アフレック is getting candid about his divorce from ex-wife ジェニファー・ガーナー and why there was always respect for each other in the process.

The 49-year-old テンダーバー star appeared on ハワードスターンショー Tuesday for a lengthy interview about his キャリア, sobriety and personal life.

Affleck and Garner, costars from the 2003 Daredevil 映画, got married in 2005 and separated in 2015 離婚を確定する前に 2018. They share three kids: バイオレット, Seraphina and Samuel, だれ 16, 12 と 9 今, それぞれ.

We did it amicably. 頑張りました. Did we have moments of tension? Did we have disagreements over the custody? Was stuff difficult for us? Did we get angry? はい,” he recalled of the divorce process. “But fundamentally it was always underpinned with a respect.

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I knew she was a good mom. I always hoped that she knew that I was a good dad; I knew I was,” continued Affleck. “I had to get sober, and I knew that too and I acknowledged that.

Elsewhere in the Stern interview, Affleck said he and Garner tried to make things work but ultimately struggled to make it last.

“私たちはうまくいかなかった結婚をしました, これが起こります, 私が愛し尊敬している誰かと, でも私はもう結婚してはいけない人. 最終的に, やってみた, やってみた, やってみた, 子供がいたから. Both of us felt like we don’t want this to be the model that our kids see of marriage,” 彼は言った.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in 2014
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長年にわたって, Affleck has gone to rehab multiple times for alcohol addiction, に含む 2001, 2017 (彼はそれ 投稿で明らかに Facebookで) と 2018. He has since been open about his journey to stay sober.

Recalling how his drinking habits worsened during the difficult times in their relationship, Affleck told Stern that if they’d stayed together, 彼ら “結局…おそらくお互いの喉に。”

I’d おそらくまだ飲んでいる. それは私が飲み始めた理由の一部です…私が閉じ込められたので,” 彼は言った. “私は好きだった, ‘I can’t leave ‘cause of my kids, でも私は幸せではありません. 私は何をしますか?’ 私がしたのはスコッチのボトルを飲み、ソファで眠りにつくことでした, which turned out いいえ to be the solution.

関連動画: Ben Affleck on Jennifer Garner: ‘It’s Important for My Kids to Know I Respect and Care About Her

2月中 2020, Affleck told PEOPLE of Garner, “When you have children with somebody you’re connected to them forever, and I’m very lucky she is the mother of my children.”

I’m very grateful and respectful of her,” 彼はその時に付け加えた. “Our marriage didn’t work, and that’s difficult. Both of us really believe that it’s important for kids to see their parents respect one another and get along, whether they’re together or not.

にとって Mother’s Day earlier this year, he paid tribute to Garner, writing on social media, “So happy to share these kids with you. Luckiest parents in the world. Thanks for all the good you do. 母の日おめでとう. 愛, their Dad.

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