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Vanessa Morgan Shares the ‘Good AdviceShe Received from Kelly Ripa After Son River’s Birth

Vanessa Morgan Shares the 'Good Advice' She Received from Kelly Ripa After Son River's Birth

Vanessa Morgan can count on her Riverdale famiglia.

Morgan, 29, who plays Toni Topaz on the CW hit, tells PEOPLE that her costars stepped up to help her out when she gave birth to her first child River, chi è adesso? 9 Vecchio di mesi. Morgan welcomed her son in January with her estranged husband, Michael Kopech.

The actress says her costars have been eager to support her as a new mom, including former costar Mark Consuelos e sua moglie, Kelly Ripa.

“Ho parlato con Kelly dopo aver partorito,” says Morgan, who is partnering with Oral B to promote their new iO brush. “persone negli Stati Uniti, they were just excited for me, e mi ha dato bella, bei vestiti per bambini per River.”

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Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan
Credito: Oral B

Morgan also shares that after she gave birth to River via cesarean section, Ripa was a great resource to talk to.

“Kelly, anche lei ne ha avuto uno e mi ha dato dei buoni consigli per guarire, e usando bende in silicone, ed è quello che uso,” Morgan says. “E lei mi ha appena detto, 'Sì, fino a un anno potresti ancora sentire dolore,’ e tutta questa roba. So it was nice talking to somebody else who’s been through it. Mi ha dato dei buoni consigli per guarire in quel modo.”

Morgan says that when she first gave birth to River, “it was really niceto have her Riverdale family come by and meet her son for the very first time.

They were just like, 'Dio mio, you’re a mom. This is River.Because he’s been in my stomach when we were filming and working,” she explains of her castmates, including Madelaine Petsch, K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse.

Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan
Credito: Vanessa Morgan/ instagram

While it was an adjustment for everyone to meet River, Morgan also says the experience has been “speciale” because she’s been lucky enough to share it with her Riverdale colleghi.

It took them a while to comprehend this is your baby. It’s weird,” lei ricorda. “But it’s just been so special being able to share motherhood with them and they’ve been so supportive. River has this whole family, uncles and aunts of people on my show, and it’s so nice. Everybody loves him. He has his own trailer at work.

Morgan says her son will soon be turning 1 and so she’s trying to make more time for self-care, dire PERSONE, “I’m doing the best I can.

I find doing the little things for me,” lei spiega. “Sto cercando, now that he’s 9 Vecchio di mesi, to do little things, to do a face mask at night after he goes to bed, and waking up in the morning and getting ready and doing those little things.

Morgan adds, “It’s definitely starting to make a difference in my mood, and feeling like I’m still a person regardless. I’m River’s mom first, but I’m still me. I can still do my fun little self-care routines. I think that doesn’t help me forget that it’s so important, but I’m now getting back into it.