ヴィーナスとセリーナウィリアムズがシモーネバイルズにメンタルヘルスに関するアドバイスを提供: 「人生は失敗についてです’

ヴィーナスとセリーナウィリアムズがシモーネバイルズにメンタルヘルスに関するアドバイスを提供: 'Life Is About Failures'

金星セリーナウィリアムズ are opening up about mental health in conversation with the next generation.

The tennis stars appeared on Wednesday’s エピソード FacebookWatchの レッドテーブルトーク ホストと一緒に ウィル・スミス where they spoke about their new film, ドリームプラン王. On the show, the Williams sisters gave advice to seven-time Olympic medalist シモーネ・バイルズ, WHO famously spoke about her mental health struggles at the 2020 東京の夏季オリンピック.

バイルズ, 24, appeared virtually on the show to ask Venus, 41, とセレナ, 40, about how they keep going, specifically when they need a mental health break.

Venus explained thatathletes live very unbalanced livesand when she needs a break, she likes to take a moment to herself to relax and watch something silly as a way tobalance me outand prepare for what’s next.

I think just asking yourself a question, like how do I want to remember this moment? How do I want to handle this moment? If I look back in ten years, how will I feel about this?” the seven-time Grand Slam winner offered, and her younger sister agreed.

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Serena Williams on Red Table Talk

Serena Williams on Red Table Talk
クレジット: Alan Silfen / レッドテーブルトーク

Venus said that it’s important to remember thatlife is about failuresand that failing is okay to do, 追加する, “Because even when you look back in those ten years, even if you fail, if you just gave it your all with what you had that day, that’s still perfectly fine.

その間, Serena told Biles that valuable lessons come from losses, and that she becomesmy best player every time I lose.

I think sometimes people are afraid to lose if they start winning, or they’re afraid to fail,” the 23-time Grand Slam champ said. “But that doesn’t, I don’t even like the word. 好き, it’s not a failure. それはただ, お気に入り, you slipped, and then you’ll get back up.

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Venus then chimed in, “And I think a lot of it, それも, is just taking out whatever the hell other people think. When you let go of that, you are free.

夏の間, Biles made headlines for exiting four out of five women’s gymnastic finals at this year’s Summer Games. She cited intense pressure and a case of theツイスティ— a disorienting condition gymnasts can experience when they lose air awareness, 着陸時に怪我の危険にさらす.

当時の, Biles explained she withdrew from the competition to 彼女のメンタルヘルスに焦点を当てる, ソーシャルメディアで彼女が言った “マインド & 体は単に同期していません。”


クレジット: Laurence Griffiths/Getty

その間 人々とチャット 8月に, Biles spoke about prioritizing mental health in and out of sports culture, which taught many to push through struggles to achieve peak performance.

“時々、私たちがこれらのことについて話すとき, それから私たちはそれの顔になります. その側面について完全に準備ができているかどうかはわかりません,” she said of the attention.

“長年にわたって, 明らかに, 私は非常に支配的だったので、誰もが体操をサポートし、私が外ではなくジムでやったことを称賛してくれました,” アスリートは追加しました. “それから私は一歩後退した, 私は明らかに多くの反発と恥ずかしさを感じると思っていました. でもそれは全くの逆. 初めて人間を感じた. シモーネ・バイルズのほかに, 私はシモーヌでした, そして人々はそれを尊重しました。”

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When asked last month about a moment thatmarked you the most in your career,” Biles said “2021. Having the courage to take care & put myself first.

“16-year-old Simone would never,” the four-time Olympic gold medalist added.