Andy Cohen Gave Surrogacy Advice to Kandi Burruss but Didn't Tell Her He Was Going Through It Too

カンディ・バーラス is looking back at the support she received from friend アンディ・コーエン during her surrogacy journey.

On PEOPLE’s new podcast 私がお母さんになる, NS アトランタの本物の主婦 スター, 45, speaks candidly about her experience with surrogacy and reveals that Cohen offered her advice on the subject before she knew he was going through the same process.

Burruss welcomed her youngest daughter ブレイズ via surrogate back in November 2019 while Cohen, 53, became dad to his son ベンジャミンアレン via surrogacy in February 2019.

“それはとてもクレイジーです, we both were going through the same situation at the same time, but I did not know that he was going through it,” says Burruss, who is also mom to daughter Riley, 17, と息子 Ace Wells, 5½.

But one day he called me, I guess because he knew that I was having an emotional moment, そして彼は, ‘It’s going to be great,’ ” 彼女は思い出します. “He was talking to me from the standpoint of his friend was going through the situation, but it was really him but I didn’t know. But he was telling me, 「心配しないで, it’s going to be fine.’ “

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Burruss also tells host Zoë Ruderman, PEOPLEのデジタル責任者, that Cohen called her before she was going into the Big Brother house to inform her of his baby news.

Before he made the announcement that he was going to be having a baby, he called me and he was like, ‘I want you to know that I did the same thing,’ ” 彼女が言います.

インタビューの他の場所, Burruss debunks a misconception about surrogacy, remembering how people asked her if she worried about being unable to “つなぐ” with her baby.


クレジット: Blaze Tucker/Instagram

“私は推測する [NS] initial thinking is, お気に入り, just because somebody doesn’t physically have their baby that they won’t be able to have that same bond as a mother who physically pushed the baby out. And I can tell you for sure — if you ever had a doubt in your mind — that is not true,” 彼女が言います.

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