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Katie Couric sobre os conselhos inspirados no SATC, sua filha, 10, Deu a ela durante tempos difíceis na CBS

Katie Couric sobre os conselhos inspirados no SATC, sua filha, 10, Deu a ela durante tempos difíceis na CBS

Katie Couric has faced some challenging periods during her career — and a piece of advice she once got from her youngest daughter has stuck with her.

While promoting her new memoir Indo lá em The Late Show com Stephen Colbert terça, the journalist reflected on the difficulties that arose for her at CBS, which she also details in the book.

Couric, 64, spent 15 years at Hoje before announcing she would be joining CBS Evening News em 2006, becoming the first solo female anchor of a nightly news broadcast on a major network. Cinco anos depois, em 2011, ela left CBS amid a ratings decline. Sobre O Último Show, ela disse Stephen Colbert isso foi “a really tough experience.

I think America wasn’t necessarily ready for an anchor with lipstick,” ela disse, adicionando mais tarde, “I think that the country — and CBS has the oldest, most traditional audience — and internally, in terms of the DNA of that organization, they were just not that into me.

At one point during her time at the network, Couric broke down in front of daughters Carrie and Ellie after coming home from work.

I started crying at the dinner table and my daughters, they were like, 10 e 14, they were so taken aback,” she told Colbert. “This was after Jay had died and I was a single mom. And they were like, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I was just like, ‘I’m having a really hard time.'

Katie Couric

Katie Couric
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Carrie then pulled out a quote from Kim Cattrall‘s character in Sexo e a cidade, Couric disse.

“Carrie disse, 'Mãe, remember what Samantha says in Sexo e a cidadeIf I listened to what every b—- in New York said about me, I’d never leave the house,'” Couric recalled with a laugh.

Couric shared Carrie and Ellie, agora 25 e 29, respectivamente, with her late husband Jay Monahan, quem died of colon cancer na idade 42 em 1998.

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Katie Couric with Husband Jay Monahan

Katie Couric with Husband Jay Monahan
Katie Couric and Jay Monahan
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She first recalled Carrie’s SATC quote in an interview for her PEOPLE cover story no início deste mês, joking that it wasso wrongfor her daughter to be familiar enough with the HBO series that she could quote it.

But it made me laugh,” said Couric, quem married John Molner em 2014. “E você sabe, I think you don’t go through the death of a spouse or someone you love deeply and profoundly without really understanding what matters.