Kate Hudson Called Tom Cruise for Skydiving Advice — and He ‘Was So All About It

Kate Hudson Called Tom Cruise to Ask Skydiving Advice

Kate Hudson Called Tom Cruise to Ask Skydiving Advice

ケイトハドソン; トムクルーズ.
写真: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty, ゲッティ経由の朝鮮日報JNS /イマジン

ケイトハドソン knew who to call with skydiving questions.

NS グラスオニオン: ナイブズ アウト ミステリー 女優は言った グレンパウエル 彼らの間に バラエティ “俳優の俳優” conversation that she once called his トップ・ガン: 異端者 共演 トムクルーズ to ask him for skydiving guidance. Hudson said it came up when her eldest child, 18-1歳の息子 ライダー, wanted to do it.

My son recently wanted to skydive. And I didn’t know what to do with myself. 彼は 18. 私は好きだった, ‘I need to call Tom.And Tom was so all about it,” 彼女は言いました.

ハドソン, 43, 続く, “私は好きだった, お願いします, who do I call? I don’t want [ライダー] to go to some weird place. And Tom was so excited. By the end of this phone call, I wanted to solo dive. どうにか, he had convinced me how incredible skydiving was. And you worked with Tom, and you’re now a pilot. Did he give you that talk about flying and the importance of it?”

パウエル, 34, then said Cruise, 60, has an “感染性” passion for flying.

Kate Hudson Called <a href ="" データリンク="真実">トムクルーズ</NS> to Ask Skydiving Advice

Kate Hudson Called <a href ="" データリンク="真実">トムクルーズ</NS> to Ask Skydiving Advice

Kate Hudson and トムクルーズ NS 2001.

ストーリーを見逃すことはありません—サインアップしてください PEOPLEの無料の週刊ニュースレター 毎週金曜日に受信トレイに配信される週の最大のニュースを取得するには.

I grew up with the Blue Angels on my wall. I’ve always loved planes. But when you see Tom’s love of flying, it’s the most infectious thing,” 彼は言った. “He’ll fly on the set in his P-51, this old World War II plane. It’s that reality-distortion field where he can convince you that anything is possible. He goes to set like it’s his first day, 毎日。”

2月に戻る 2020, Hudson told the story on NS エレンの部屋ショー 当時の Cruise crashed her party in epic fashion.

She said she and her brother Oliver Hudson would throw all-out events when parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were gone, and one party got a little too out of control when hundreds of people started showing up. That causedcontrol-freakKate to act as bouncer to try and get the situation under control.

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I’m standing at the door making sure that people who aren’t supposed to be at the party aren’t coming in. There’s like 400 people at my parents’ 家,” Hudson recalled. “I’m kind of freaking out a little and I see someone scaling — literally scaling — an eight-foot gate at my parents’ 家. They come off and they do a back handspring and pose and I’m about to yell at this guy, and it’s トムクルーズ.”

She said she went over to greet the actor, who wasn’t invited but decided to come by because heheard there was a party.

So that’s how he gets everywhere — he just scales things,” ホスト エレン・デジェネレス 冗談を言った. Kate replied, “はい! 彼 ミッション: 不可能! ワイルドです。”