ビンディ・アーウィンはベイビー・グレイスが「すべてに魔法を見いだす」と言います’ 彼らは家族の冒険を楽しんでいます’ タスマニアで

Bindi Irwin Says Baby Grace 'Finds Magic in Everything' as They Enjoy Family 'Adventure' in Tasmania

一人のお母さん, 23, took her 7-month-old daughter with her and husband チャンドラーパウエル on a trip with four other people, including Bindi’s brother ロバートアーウィン, to the Australian island state of Tasmania. ロバート, 17, また shared a variety of photos from their trip on Instagram Saturday.

Another great trip to Tasmania! Good times with the fam ✌️,” Robert wrote alongside a carousel of images, beginning with a group photo.

から最大の物語を手に入れたい毎週平日? 新しいポッドキャストを購読する, 毎日の人々, 本質的な有名人を取得するには, 月曜日から金曜日までのエンターテインメントとヒューマンインタレストのニュース記事.

Best memories from this adventure. ??,” Bindi replied in the comments.

投稿の後半で, Robert shared a photo of him and brother-in-law Powell grinning ear-to-ear while spending some downtime with baby Grace.

Irwins Take Baby Grace On Hiking 'Adventure'

Irwins Take Baby Grace On Hiking ‘Adventure
クレジット: Robert Irwin/Instagram

Bindi shared her own pair of photos from the trek on Friday, with baby Grace happily holding her smiling mom in front of the landscape.

Hiking with our beautiful girl is one of the most special things in life,” NS 星と踊ります alum captioned her Instagram post. “She adores being outside, looking for wildlife with us. Grace Warrior finds magic in everything and I love that.

その同じ日, Robert shared a cute photo of him and Grace all bundled up and smiling for the camera. “More adventures with Grace Warrior — luckiest uncle ever ?,” NS クリキー! アーウィンズです スターは書いた.

ベビーグレース 向きを変えた 7 生後数ヶ月 月曜日に. Bindi celebrated the occasion on Instagram with a pair of adorable photos of her daughter taken by brother Robert. The infant smiled sweetly while holding a display showing her age for the first photo, and stuck her tongue out in the second.

“期待vs. 現実 (スワイプ) ? Grace Warrior is 7 生後数ヶ月!” the proud parent captioned the post. “彼女は寄り添うのが大好きです, 冒険, 新しい食べ物を試す, すべてをつかんで笑う. どうやらコアラは特に面白いです. 私たちの小さな野生生物の戦士への無限の愛。”

ストーリーを見逃すことはありません—サインアップしてください の無料の日刊ニュースレター PEOPLEが提供する最高のものを最新の状態に保つ, ジューシーな有名人のニュースから説得力のあるヒューマンインタレスト記事まで.


クレジット: Robert Irwin via Bindi Irwin/Instagram

パウエル, 24, とチャイム “Our daughter is the cutestin the comments section before thanking Robert for his photography.

On his own Instagram page, Powell posted a silly shot of his daughter to celebrate her milestone. “私たちの恵みは 7 months ❤️,” 彼が書きました. “As I write this she is saying ‘ah-goo’ ラズベリーを吹く. 誇りに思う. 私たちはあなたを愛してます, 恋人!”