プリンスジョージは「ヒーロー」のように生きているアリを食べました,’ 冒険家ベア・グリルスを明らかにする: 「彼の目は明るくなりました’

Prince George Ate a Live Ant Like a 'Hero,' Reveals Adventurer Bear Grylls: 'His Eyes Lit Up'

プリンスジョージ isn’t afraid to try something new!

いつ ベア・グリルス に登場 グッドモーニングブリテン 火曜日, he looked back on his 8月 2019 encounter with the young prince, who the British adventurer said was alittle herofor eating a live ant.

The moment happened at the King’s Cup Regatta on the Isle of Wight when George’s grandmother Carole Middleton invited Grylls over to meet the prince, a huge fan.

グリル, 47, explained that he didn’treally meanto encourage George to eat an ant that day, but the moment presented itself and he couldn’t resist.


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And so we were chatting, and he was down here, and just as we were chatting a stream of ants went across his feet, and him and me looked at them, he looked at me with those amazed wide eyes, そして私は言った, ‘来て, we’ve got to eat one,’ ” Grylls recalled in a clip from GMB によって公開 The Mirror UK. “And he said ‘Oh really?’ and we ate.

It was a privilege to give the future King his first ant, and his eyes lit up as they do with anyone when they’re out in the wild and they face a few fears and they overcome them, so good for him,” Grylls said. “What a little hero.

十分に得ることができません のロイヤルズカバレッジ? 無料のロイヤルズニュースレターにサインアップする 最新のアップデートを入手するには ケイト・ミドルトン, メーガン・マークル もっと!

Grylls ended up winning the Regatta that day, and mentioned George’s survivalist milestone during the awards ceremony.

“そしてまた プリンスジョージ, your first ant you ate todayAnd that is a great moment. 素晴らしい, あなた,” Grylls said, prompting laughter from ケイト・ミドルトンウィリアム王子.