Stormy Daniels Teaches Surreal Life Costars Adult Film Trade Tricks

Adult film star Stormy Daniels has a few pro tips to share with her housemates on VH1’s revival of the early 2000s hit reality series The Surreal Life.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday night’s episode, the 43-year-old adult film star talks to costars テイマー・ブラクストン, Manny MUAKim Coles as they all indulge in a vitamin infusion.

セレブリティビッグブラザー alum Braxton, 45, kicks it off by asking Daniels a question about her work: “Do you have to like, be ready? Do you have to like be ready or do you have to be attracted to … you know what I’m saying?” Braxton asks.

Daniels explains, “I picked every partner I ever had sex with on film. But I had that luxury because I was a contract star and I was the director, so I’d be like, ‘Oh I want him and her.' The Surreal Life The Surreal Life


告白室で, 31-year-old beauty YouTuber Manny says he is loving having roommates.

Some of the best moments are really having these like fun banter in the morning that I honestly … I’ve never had,” 彼は言い​​ます.

Back with his roomies, Manny is more of a quiet observer as Daniels continues by sayingthe guys have it way harder.

It feels like summer camp,” Manny says. “I’m feeling like it’s summer camp.

The Surreal Life

The Surreal Life


Daniels explains that a girl may or may not be “の中へ” her partner, 水面下で遺体が発見されました。 “may or may not be on her period,” which stops the other three in their tracks.

What do you mean, you shoot it anyway?” Braxton squeals.

Daniels is nonchalant as Braxton feigns vomiting.

You asked!” Daniels defends herself. “Don’t ask me questions if you don’t want to know the answer.

Braxton then shares in a confessional: “This house, the real life experience has become very educational, 蜂蜜, ほら? I’ve been taught about sex and voodoo dolls and everything in between.

Back in the conversation, the house, she screams, “I ain’t never seen no period porn!”

The Surreal Life

The Surreal Life


So just … take us through the … So what’s the trick?” asks Coles, 60.

Makeup sponge,” says Daniels. Braxton has more questions so she confirms that the sponge goes exactly where Braxton thinks it does.

“実際のところ, I got to the point where if I was working with a guy with a big d—, I would put one in anyway because it was like a cushion,” Daniels said.

You know we all act a little different when there’s a big old d—,” Braxton jokes, while Manny adds, “I feel refreshed!” as the four of them all laugh.

告白室で, Coles has the last word, 冗談, “So it turns out there’s tricks that they do with a sponge that make the world go ‘round.

The Surreal Life

The Surreal Life


今シーズンの The Surreal Life also stars basketball legend デニス・ロッドマン, 音楽家 August Alsina, professional wrestler CJ Perry Malcolm in the Middle スター Frankie Muniz.

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The Surreal Life 月曜日に放送 9 午後. ETはVH1.