Inside John Corbett and Bo Derek’s Quiet Newlywed Life: ‘As a Couple, They Are Adorable,’ ソースは言う

Inside John Corbett and Bo Derek's Quiet Newlywed Life: 'As a Couple, They Are Adorable,'ソースは言う

今月上旬, NS セックス・アンド・ザ・シティ alum revealed during an appearance on トーク それ he and his longtime girlfriend wedaround Christmastimelast year after nearly two decades together. The secret nuptials were fitting for the couple, who live aquiet ranch lifein Santa Ynez, カリフォルニア, ソースは今週の号で人々に伝えます.

They live on this amazing property in Santa Ynez,” ソースは言う. “They seem to enjoy their quiet ranch life. They are both big animal lovers. They have many horses and adopted dogs.

Bo is involved in local charities. They support local businesses and are great people,” インサイダーは追加します. “As a couple, they are adorable. They always hold hands and look very happy.

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John Corbett and Bo Derek

John Corbett and Bo Derek
John Corbett and Bo Derek
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After Corbett, 60, shared that he and Derek, 64, 結び目を結んでいた, Derek’s rep also confirmed the news to PEOPLE, それを説明する “Bo and John were married in a private ceremony late last year.

We’re pretty private people, we didn’t make an announcement, all our friends and family knew but this is the first time either one of us has said anything publicly about it because really we haven’t had an opportunity,” Corbett told ジェリーオコンネル オン トーク 先週. “そう, you’re my buddy and now I guess I’m telling all of America, or the world.

“後 20 years we decided to get married, we didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everybody looks back at and hated,” 彼は続けた. “我々は考えた, '上手, let’s get one nice thing out of it.'

John Corbett and Bo Derek

John Corbett and Bo Derek
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The pair first began dating in 2002. 8月に 2020 面接する フォックス・ニュース, NS 10 actress opened up about why they had yet to wed.

I think when you’re beginning a young family and you’re going to have children and set up this new family tree branch, it’s obviously a wonderful commitment and it’s meaningful,” Derek said at the time. “But for us in our lives, it hasn’t been yet.

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She also discussed their immediate connection —It was just an attraction, a comfort,” she said of their meeting.

“彼はいつも私を笑わせてくれる. He’s full of life, full of joy. I became attracted to him and I still am. We take things day by day and I think we are still there,” Derek continued. “We’re starting to get a little more settled.

Corbett had echoed Derek’s views on marriage in the past, に伝える ハフィントンポスト NS 2016, “I have a lot of friends that get divorces. It becomes this whole thing. I think the secret is just enjoy being together.