London Zoo Welcomes Adorable Baby Sloth After Surprisingly Speedy Birth: ‘No Fuss at All’

London Zoo Welcomes Adorable Baby Sloth After Surprisingly Speedy Birth: 'No Fuss at All'

The ZSL London Zoo has exciting baby news to share!

The U.K. zoo welcomed an adorable baby two-toed sloth named Terry to its family on Sunday, Oct. 24. The sex of the sloth will be confirmed once its hair DNA is evaluated.

Video footage shared by the zoo of the baby sloth shows the little animal cuddling up to mom Marilyn.

Marilyn surprised London Zoo sloth keeper Marcel McKinley by giving birth to Terry at a speedy pace.

“We looked in on her first thing, and there was no baby — and no sign at all that she was labor. Less than an hour later, I spotted something that looked like a tiny arm tucked into Marilyn’s tummy; I called the rest of the team to confirm my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, and they arrived just in time to see her turn around in the tree and give us the perfect view of her healthy newborn — who she’d quietly delivered, with no fuss at all, while we’d been chopping up sweet potatoes for her breakfast. She clearly took the whole thing in her stride,” McKinley shared in a release from the zoo about Terry’s arrival.

Terry is named after a dedicated keeper at the London Zoo.

“We’ve named the youngster Terry, after one of the Zoo’s longest-serving zookeepers — our colleague Terry March, who has devoted his whole life to caring for threatened species and educating the public about wildlife,” the zoo shared in its statement.     

Terry will join Marilyn in the Rainforest Life exhibit at the London Zoo. The sloth mom and her newborn will share the space with other furry friends ranging from titi monkeys, tree anteaters, golden-headed lion monkeys, and red-footed tortoises.

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In the meantime, Terry is developing just fine, McKinley explained.

“At two weeks old, Marilyn’s little one is doing really well. Two-toed sloths have a gestation period of 10 to 11 months, and infants are already physically well-developed when they’re born, meaning they’re able to eat solid food right away,” he added in his statement.