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Sarah Silverman and Rainn Wilson Encourage Fans to Adopt —Not Cook — a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Sarah silverman and rainn wilson

Sarah silverman and rainn wilson

foto: Frazer Harrison / Getty; Tommaso Boddi/FilmMagic

Sarah Silverman e Rainn Wilson have a Thanksgiving Day suggestion.

The celebrities, junto com Bellamy Young e Alicia Silverstone, are joining Farm Sanctuary isto Ação de graças in promoting the animal welfare organization’s Adopt a Turkey Project.

The Adopt a Turkey Project urges animal lovers to use the money they plan to spend on a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner to symbolically adopt one of the birds instead.

Farm Sanctuary — the country’s first farm animal sanctuary and advocacy organization — has two rescue locations, one in New York and the other in California, where caretakers look after farm animals saved from abuse and the agriculture industry. The sanctuariesresidents include cows, goats, cavalos, sheep, chickens, and turkeys.

With a one-time donation of $35 to Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project, a supporter can symbolically adopt one of the organization’s rescue turkeys. The project’s funds support the turkey’s daily care and assist Farm Sanctuary’s education and advocacy work. Adopters receive an adoption certificate featuring a photo of their new turkey friend.

I admire people who love animals and want to rescue animals,” Wilson said in a social media post about the Adopt a Turkey Project, adding that he adopted a turkey through Farm Sanctuary.

“Você sabe 68 million turkeys will be killed in the holiday season alone,” Sarah Silverman shared in her statement supporting the project. “Farm Sanctuary offers a different way that we can celebrate Turkey Day while also making a difference.

Silverman and Wilson are not alone in supporting Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to get animal lovers to skip the turkey for the Thanksgiving table. Alicia Silverstone and Bellamy Young have each posted on social media about their support for the Adopt a Turkey Project.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary and the Adopt a Turkey Project, visit the organization’s website.