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Woman Finds Biological Father in Nursing Home 56 Years After Adoption — And Now She Cares for Him

A daughter’s search for her biological father ended when she found him in a nursing home more than 56 years after she was adopted.

Deanna Shrodes, della Florida, met her father Gus Nicholas, 92, for the very first time back in May after she matched with him using genetic testing through 23andMe, according to CBS News.

I prepared myself to find a grave, and I now found a person, and it was just absolutely mind-blowing,” Shrodes told the outlet. “Couldn’t believe that I had found a person.

Shrodes, who is an ordained minister, was an infant when she was adopted in 1966, according to a story about her search on a church website. She had spent two months in foster care beforehand.

At age 27, Shrodes found her mother Sally King and had a relationship with her for the next 20 anni, per the reports. King died just a few months after she was diagnosed with cancer.

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But King never shared the name of Shrodesbiological father with her daughter. Così, Shrodes set out to find him on her own.

Using the two clues her mother gave her — that her father is Greek and from Richmond, volere. — Shrodes spent 10 years searching.

All'inizio di quest'anno, her prayers were answered — literally.

I told my husband, I told my best friend Laura … I said, 'Ascolta, ragazzi, you might think I’m crazy, but I was in prayer. God spoke this to me: ‘Your father’s name is Gus,’ ” ha detto alla CBS News.

Poco tempo dopo, she matched with Nicholas on 23andMe, and connected with one of Nicholasrelatives, chi ha detto?, “I think you’re my Uncle Gus’ ma sfacciato”

Il giorno successivo, Shrodes got to call her father, who was also excited to find his daughter.

“Egli ha detto, ‘I woke up this morning and I was aloneAnd now this afternoon, I have a daughter. I have a son-in-law. I have three grandchildren. I have great-grandchildrenI ‘m not alone in the world anymore,’ ” ha ricordato. “E io dissi, 'No, tu non sei. You’re not.’ ”

Nicola, a retired ballroom dancer, had entered the nursing home after he was found lying on the floor of his home after a fall, per CBS News’ rapporto.

But just 75 days after meeting his daughter, Nicholas moved into Shrodeshome where she cares for him full-time and they are getting to know each other.

It’s the hardest thing. It’s the most worthwhile thing. It’s the most incredible miracle I’ve ever had the privilege to live out,” ha detto alla CBS News. “I’m living the dream.