Alicia Keys Reacts to Janet Jackson Admitting to Have a Crush on Her: ‘I Always Knew I Was Bae

Alicia Keys Reacts to Janet Jackson Admitting to Have a Crush on Her: 'I Always Knew I Was Bae'

アリシアキー is flattered by ジャネットジャクソン‘s not-so-secret crush.

Instagramの日曜日, the 40-year-oldUnderdog” 歌手 投稿 a screenshot of an article from 2008 when Jackson, 55, revealed she had a crush on her. In an interview with E! オンライン, Jackson said that if she were to ever enter a lesbian relationship, it would be with Keys.

I always knew I was BAE But when @janetjackson says it ????,” the 15-time Grammy winner captioned the snap.

ストーリーを見逃すことはありません—サインアップしてください の無料の日刊ニュースレター PEOPLEが提供する最高のものを最新の状態に保つ, ジューシーな有名人のニュースから説得力のあるヒューマンインタレスト記事まで.

A number of celebrities quickly commented on the post, including actress アリアナ・デボース, 誰が書いた, “良い, hot dayumn!!!!!!! …. Where is the lie? Gorgeous gorgeous women. はい。”

Janet has great taste! ❤️❤️❤️” echoed Lachi.

Keys later responded to a follower who wrote that she must feelvalidatedfor Jackson’s comment.

I kinda did feel some kind of way !!!! ???,” 彼女は言いました.

Jackson’s documentary, which premiered over the weekend in a two-night Lifetime and A&E event, features the star in candid conversation about everything from her personal relationships to her professional triumphs. Its release commemorates the 40th anniversary celebration of the pop icon’s debut album.

ジャネット — which was more thanfive years in the makingand featurednever before seen footage— was announced in March 2020 and was filmed around the time of the of her father, Joe Jackson, 六月に 2018.

In the new doc, the famously private star pulled back the curtain on her complicated relationships with her later father Joe and brother Michael, 彼女 ジャネットジャクソンの新しい生涯ドキュメンタリーからの最大の啓示はここにあります—これまでのところ ジャネットジャクソンの新しい生涯ドキュメンタリーからの最大の啓示はここにあります—これまでのところ, and her infamous Super Bowl halftime show NS 2004 と ジャスティン・ティンバーレイク.

ジャネット is streaming on Hulu+ With Live TV.