Katharine McPhee Was a Clue on Jeopardy! —しかし、彼女は「私はこれさえも得られなかっただろう」と認めています’

Katharine McPhee Was a Clue on Jeopardy! — But She Admits 'I Wouldn't Have Even Gotten This'

The three contestants on ジェパディ! weren’t the only people stumped by a recent question about キャサリンマクフィー.

木曜日の夜, マクフィー, 37, クリップを共有しました from the most recent episode of the game show, where she was referenced in a question in theBefore and After TV, 2000” category.

ビデオで, ジェパディ! チャンピオン エイミーシュナイダーのジェパディ is seen contemplating the tricky question, 読んだ, “Spooky HBO show with references to H.P.’s Works, with Katharine McPhee along as the singing nanny.

With blank expressions on their faces, all three contestants stood quietly until host ケン・ジェニングス revealed the answer することが Lovecraft Country Comfort.

Though McPhee’s name was in the clue, NS カントリー コンフォート actress admitted on Instagram that the answer didn’t come easily to anyone — including her!

I wouldn’t have even gotten this ?” 彼女 Instagramに書いた alongside the ジェパディ! セグメント.

McPhee also shared the clip on her Instagram Story, キャプションを付ける: “Definitely would have missed this one.

After posting the clip on Instagram, McPhee’s followers agreed that the question was tough.

“私は困惑しました,” wrote one follower. Another responded: “It’s ok Kat, neither would I.

The conversation also brought up thoughts about McPhee’s role in the television series, カントリー コンフォート, which aired one season on Netflix in 2021. (The show was squashed by Netflix 7月に。)

Some fans begged for a second season of the show, while others applauded McPhee’s performance in the first season. “Ok but need a カントリー コンフォート, Season 2,wrote one Instagram user.

You were brilliant in that show! Someone PLEASE bring back カントリー コンフォート!! We need more shoes like this! Real talent and nice stories and rooting for everyone to succeed!” added someone else.

関連動画: キャサリンマクフィーが下着の写真を送った後、デイヴィッドフォスターからの軽薄なテキストを共有します

Thursday’s ジェパディ! question was part of Schneider’s historic run on the game show, which has seen her hold the longest winning streak by any female player on the series.

As of Friday afternoon, she has currently won 37 games in a row and $1,253,200 in total winnings, making her the fourth-highest earner in the show’s history, によると ジェパディ!’s website. She’s only one win and $265,401 away from dethroning runner-up マット・アモディオ‘s 38-game streak and $1,518,601 total earnings.

シュナイダー, オークランドのソフトウェア エンジニアリング マネージャー, カリフォルニア, is also confirmed to appear in the 2022 Tournament of Champions — the first transgender contestant to do so — due to her impressive winning streak and history-breaking appearance.