見る: ケンドラウィルキンソンは、彼女が「古いケンドラに戻った」と認めています’ 不動産のクライアントとパーティーをした後

見る: Kendra Wilkinson Admits She 'Slipped Back to the Old Kendra' After Partying with Real Estate Clients

ケンドラウィルキンソン is learning to deal with all kinds of clients on her new journey as a real estate agent — and finding that some of them might be interested in her celebrity status more than her listings.

In an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s new episode of Kendra Sells Hollywood, 前者 隣の女の子 star and girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, 36, struggles as she comes to terms with the fact that some of her potential clients might have ulterior motives for hiring her.

ビデオで, その上, she tells her real estate colleagues that she and two potential buyers went out the night before and ended up “[partying] とても大変,” despite her not knowing what she was in for. Kendra notes, “I was trying to get business and I guess they had other ideas.

She then details in a confessional that she and the buyers found themselves club-hopping andstaying out ‘til four in the morning.

I slipped back to the old Kendra I used to be and there was a price to pay for that,” 彼女は続けます, 後で追加, “I feel sick as f—, not just from the hangover, but just not knowing what people really want from me.

I don’t feel like I can trust anyone,” the mother of two then states. “People don’t want me as the real estate agent, they want me as a good time at parties, that celebrity — the プレイボーイ girl.


クレジット: エイドリアン・マーティン

今年の初め, NS Kendra on Top alum became a part of the L.A. real estate world after joining the high-profile team at Douglas Elliman — and landing a Discovery+ show to document her journey as a first-time agent every step of the way.

I’ve been on TV, on magazine covers and shared all of the ups and downs of my personal life with my fans,” Wilkinson said in a previous press release. “Now people can follow along on my newest adventure as a real estate agent. This ‘girl next dooris ready to compete with the big guns!”

ケンドラはハリウッドを売る has let fans watch as the former model uses her signature humor and determination to put that real estate license to good use — no small task for a first-time agent in the competitive L.A. market.

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六月に 2020, Wilkinson shared with fans that she had passed her real estate exam, just two weeks after celebrating her 35th birthday.

What I’ve been working on during quarantine finally paid off by passing my California real estate exam on the first try,” she announced on Instagram at the time, before thanking her kids, son Hank IV, 11, and daughter Alijah Mary, 7, 彼らのサポートのために. “Was so nervous I couldn’t even sleep one minute but I did it and now I can breathe and celebrate my hard work.

The next episode of ケンドラはハリウッドを売る begins streaming Dec. 8 とロマンチックな屋外エリア.