Michael Consuelos Admits He ‘OftenRaids Dad Mark’s ‘Cool Closetand ‘He Always Notices

Being the child of famous parents undoubtably comes with lots of perks. マイケル・コンスエロス, の息子 マーク・コンスエロスケリーリパ, appreciates access to his dad’s clothes.

My dad has a cool closet,” マイケル, 25, 言う 人々の 2022 最もセクシーなマンアライブの問題 in a portfolio of famous sons. “I often raid my dad’s closet — and he always notices. 彼は, 'おい, where’s this?’ そして、私は, 'おお, you weren’t home. You were in Vancouver for a while, so I figured…’ 彼は, ‘Don’t figure, ask!'”

Michael Consuelos photographed at Sweet Space studio in NYC on October 19, 2022

Michael Consuelos photographed at Sweet Space studio in NYC on October 19, 2022


Michael jokes that Mark, 51, wants him and his brother Joaquin, 19, “to look like him.

I got new glasses and then my dad texts me, ‘Where did you get those glasses?'” Michael recalls. “そして、私は, '大野, can you at least pick a different color?’ 私の父, 私の兄弟, and I will be wearing the same black pants and gray shirt and I’m like, I try to look a little different than that. I like to stand out a little bit.

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マイケル, who appeared with his father on リバーデイル, says he often tries tofocus on comfortwhen it comes to what he wears, but he also appreciates a formal fit.

I’m a big suit guy,” the New York University grad says. “Whenever I have any chance to dress up, wear a tie and suit, I jump at it. Looking good and being comfortable doing it, that’s my thing.

The budding actor also likes running and reading — occasionally at the same time. “Sometimes I run listening to an audiobook,” 彼は言い​​ます. “But the mainstays in a Michael day off is running, 読む. I’m a big reader. I just curl up on the couch with a book. It feels great.

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When asked to name a book he enjoyed reading lately, Michael mentions his 52-year-old mom’s new release.

“読む Live Wireケリーリパ. It’s out now,” Michael says. “どういたしまして, ママ!”

冗談はさておき, Michael appreciates reading about his mom’s life. “I’ve heard a lot of the stories growing up and it’s really cool to see all that hard work come to fruition for her,” 彼は言い​​ます. “I’m really proud of her.

Mark and Michael Consuelos

Mark and Michael Consuelos

Mark Consuelos Instagram

With age, Michael has come to accept his mom talking about him and his family on TV and social media.

It’s all normal to me,” 彼は言い​​ます. “Things are less severe when you’re an adult and things that bothered you when you were a kid don’t really bother you anymore. What they do, that’s their business. I don’t mind it. I guess I’m used to it at this point.

And those shirtless photos his dad posts? “That’s motivation,” Michael says. “When I work out with my dad and brother, because they’re both really strong, it’s a motivation for me. I’m playing catch up a little bit.

だからいいえ, Michael doesn’t get embarrassed when his mom thirsts over his dad on Instagram.

I’ve always kind of maintained that my parents are cooler than me, so they don’t really embarrass me,” 彼は言い​​ます. “どちらかといえば, I’m worried about embarrassing them. But I’ve always taken what they do and who they are with a lot of pride. I feel like I’ve won the jackpot.

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