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Jamie Dornan Admits to Kissing a Photo of Crush Liv Tyler ‘Every Night Before I Went to Bedas Teen

Jamie Dornan Admits to Kissing a Photo of Crush Liv Tyler 'Every Night Before I Went to Bed' as Teen

Jamie Dornan was forced to tell Liv Tyler that he had a crush on her.

Playing a game ofEu nunca” com o seu Belfast costar Caitríona Balfe for britânico Voga, Dornan, 39, admitted his celebrity crush as Tyler, agora 44, and recalled smooching a photo of herevery nightat bedtime.

I had a black-and-white picture of Liv Tyler by my bed and I used to kiss it every night before I went to bed,” said Dornan. “And when I was in New York I met her, my friend knew this and said, ‘Jamie, did you tell Liv about that time?’ And I had to tell Liv Tyler to her face that I used to kiss a black-and-white picture of her every night.

She was so lovely about it. But it was mortifying for me,” ele disse.

Dornan shared this memory last year while on O Kelly Clarkson Mostrar, Sean Penn sente que os homens americanos se 'tornaram bastante feminizados he hada fewcelebrity crushes growing up but Tylertrumped the rest.He added that he was about 16 ou 17 when he would kiss thegloss-finishedphoto of the actress.

jamie dornan liv tyler

jamie dornan liv tyler
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He explained that a friend of his told him over the phone that she informed Tyler of his childhood obsession — then put Tyler on the other end of the line.

And I speak to Liv Tyler on the phone, and I don’t know if you know Liv Tyler but she has like the sweetest voice in the world. Ela é como, 'Oh meu Deus, I can’t believe, gostar, that’s the sweetest thing!’ ” said Dornan at the time. “I was like oh my God I can’t believe I’m having to deal with this and tell this woman that I used to kiss her face every night.

But she was very cool about it,” ele brincou.

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