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'낙원의 학사’ : Kate Gallivan Admits to ‘Critical ErrorThat Could Lead to Split from Logan Palmer

This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of 낙원의 학사.

The cast gathered around a bonfire on Tuesday’s episode of 낙원의 학사, only for an unwelcome arrival to crash the party.

Hayden Markowitz ~에서 레이첼 레키아 그리고 개비 윈디의 시즌 독신녀 descended the stairs and pulled Shanae Ankney. 헤이든, 29, immediately started talking about his Golden Retriever.

To me that’s like, 기이 한,” Shanae, 30, told the cameras. “He’s just not my type.

Hayden also chatted with Florence Alexandra, who questioned why he sweats so much. “I drink and eat so much salt,” Hayden explained.

피렌체, 32, told the camera she gotfrat boy vibesfrom Hayden. “I don’t think we would be a match,” 그녀는 덧붙였다.

Then Hayden spoke to Kate Gallivan. 케이트, 33, informed him she’d been hanging out with Logan Palmer. “What would be your perspective on other people?” Hayden asked.

낙원의 학사, hayden and kate

낙원의 학사, hayden and kate

Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty

Kate advised Haydennot be afraid to step in even if the seat looks like it’s already taken.

After the conversation, Kate said in an on-camera interview, “I am not feeling overwhelmed with sparks.

But that didn’t stop her from agreeing to go on a date with Hayden when he asked. “What is a relationship if it’s not being tested?” Kate said to the cameras. “So that’s why I said ‘yesto the date with Hayden.

Kate approached Logan, 26, to talk about her going on the date; she hoped he’d ask her not to go. “You deserve to have the full experience of exploring what it’s like to be in Paradise,” he said instead.

The Bachelorette Primetime – UnscriptedSEASON PREMIERE: 월요일, July 11th at 8pm ET

The Bachelorette Primetime – UnscriptedSEASON PREMIERE: 월요일, July 11th at 8pm ET


“진심이야??” Kate replied.

“확신하는. I want you to go,” Logan insisted.

Kate felt likehe’s not fighting for me at all,” 그녀는 카메라 인터뷰에서 말했다.


Kate proceeded to spend the day with Hayden. They started out by going ziplining, but Hayden found himself paralyzed with fear.

I’m literally having the time of my life and I look over and Hayden looks like he’s seen a ghost,” Kate told the cameras.

나중에, they sat down to talk. Hayden told Kate she possessed qualities he looked for in a woman. “You have a really good attitude,” 그는 말했다. “You don’t know how far that goes with me.

Hayden continued to talk about how he left his dog Rambo, who has an inoperable brain tumor, behind to come on the show. He also shared that he spent six figures on treatment for Rambo. “I would spend every cent I had on him,” Hayden told Kate. “It doesn’t matter.

Kate told the cameras she thought Hayden’spriorities are a little misaligned.

Hayden told Kate how he called Gabbyrough around the edgesand found himself under fire for comparing the season 19 Bachelorettes to his ex. Kate asked if he did in fact do that, but Hayden claimed, “I just don’t remember.

I don’t think Rachel and Gabby were there for the right reasons,” Hayden added.

Kate did not like what she heard. “My eyes have been opened,” 그녀는 카메라에 말했다. “I have truly seen the other side. I might have made a critical error going on this date with Hayden.

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Back on the beach, Eliza Isichei 말했다 Rodney Matthews 그리고 Justin Glaze she hadn’t decided between them yet, but informed Justin, 28, she wanted to keep getting to know him. The guys also touched base, both admitting that they only had eyes for Eliza, 26.

The damage was already done,” Rodney told Justin. “But this is the situation we’re in now.

The situation constantly changes in Paradise, 그렇지만. Twins Justin and Joey Young showed up looking for a second chance at love after being sent home on the first night of Gabby and Rachel’s season. They spoke to Brittany Galvin, Victoria Fuller, Shanae and Florence, and decided to ask Shanae and Florence on their double date; both ladies reluctantly accepted.

The age really scares me,” Shanae told the cameras of dating Joey, 24.

Florence agreed. “I feel like this date is not going to be super romantic,” 그녀가 말했다.

Bachelor in Paradise twins joey and justin

Bachelor in Paradise twins joey and justin

Joey and Justin.
Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty

바텐더 Well Adams hosted the four singles in the Cantina Games, which included doing body shots, making a human taco out of the guys and drinking from a shot ski.

웰스, 38, ultimately crowned Shanae and Joey the king and queen of the Cantina Games.

All the feels and connections were there,” Shanae said in an on-camera interview.

Florence also changed her tune. “I’m a little but surprised by the connection I have with Justin,” 그녀는 카메라에 말했다. “Age ain’t nothing but a number.

Bachelor in Paradise florence

Bachelor in Paradise florence

Florence Alexandras/instagram


Genevieve Parisi realized she was falling in love with Aaron Clancy and hoped to tell him as much. But Aaron, 27, seemed to only want to spend time hanging with his friends.

I just feel like I’ve been trying to spend time with you,” 제네비브, 27, said to Aaron while the group hung out on a daybed.

You’re making me feel like I’m neglecting you,” Aaron responded. He encouraged Genevieve tocome to me and ask me to talk.

I’m explaining my feelings,” Genevieve said. “I’m not raising my voice.

Genevieve Parisi Aaron Clancy

Genevieve Parisi Aaron Clancy

Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty, Getty를 통한 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Aaron felt the conversation wasgoing in circles,” so he and Genevieve walked away. Genevieve told Victoria, 28, she wanted to leave.

“날 믿어, it’s not gonna work and I don’t want to be here,” Genevieve said.

Genevieve didn’t like that Aaron accused her of gaslighting him. “He doesn’t know what that means,” Victoria said. “He’s just using a buzzword. He’s stupid.

Genevieve tried one more time to speak with Aaron, but he hesitated. “Why’d you debate it?” 그녀가 물었다.

I don’t know if it’s the right time,” Aaron said. “‘Cause I’m thinking about myself and if it was the right time for me.

That sent Genevieve storming off. “You can tell him I’m leaving,” she said as she walked away.

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Aaron caught her on the way out. “I’m not ready to close the door yet,” he told Genevieve.

아직, Aaron said he didn’t want tothreaten my happinessto be with Genevieve. “You’re not going to make me feel bad about going in the ocean with people because I didn’t spend 10 minutes with you because you didn’t mention that,” 그는 말했다.

Genevieve explained why she wanted to talk to him. “어제, I realized I was falling in love with you and that is why I wanted to have a conversation,” 그녀가 말했다.

Aaron took a minute to process that.

That’s a big thing and it’s scary,” 그는 말했다. “There’s a lot of really deep feelings I have that are hard to express and you’ve become so close to me. And the things you do like can deeply hurt me because of how much you mean to me. And I’m falling in love with you, 도.”

Aaron and Genevieve kissed and returned to the beach. “I can see a ring on my finger at the end of this,” 그녀는 카메라 인터뷰에서 말했다.

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낙원의 학사 월요일과 화요일에 방송된다. 8 오후. ABC의 동부 표준시.