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로브: Erika Girardi Admits ‘I Could’ve Hurt MyselfWhen Called Out on ‘Rock BottomDrinking Moment

로브: Erika Girardi Admits 'I Could've Hurt Myself' When Called Out on 'Rock Bottom' Drinking Moment

에리카 지라르디 faced some hard truths in this week’s 베벌리힐스의 진짜 주부들.

During Wednesday’s episode, each of the women seemed to be worried about Erika, 51, following several incidents where she appeared to be very intoxicated. The ladies were especially concerned after Erika revealed to her friends that she is taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin, and alsoon other things.

Things came to a head at 다이애나 젠킨스elaborate holiday party, where the women expressed their concerns over Erika’s behavior. She even interrupted Diana’s fiancé, Asher, as he sang a song by yelling, “Hit the high note!”

다이아나, 49, laughed it off but the others — including 리사 린나, 카일 리차드, 가르셀 보베, 그리고 크리스탈 쿵 밍코프 — were visibly concerned. (서튼 스트라케 그리고 도릿 켐슬리 didn’t attend the party because both had tested positive for COVID-19.)

I think Erika probably misses the spotlight,” Garcelle, 55, commented in a confessional following the awkward moment. “She won’t shut up. It’s awkward.

Crystal — who shared a tense exchange with Erika earlier in the evening after she suggested that Crystal take laxatives amid her ongoing battle with bulimia — was also caught off guard by her friend’s behavior.

“에리카, I think has had far too much to drink and her behavior, I think it’s not respectful and it feels a little bit out of control,” 결정, 39, said in a confessional.

비벌리 힐스의 진짜 주부들 -- 계절:12 -- 사진: (ㄹ-r) 다이애나 젠킨스, Crystal Minkoff, 에리카 지라르디, 카일 리차드, 가르셀 보베, 도릿 켐슬리, 리사 린나, 서튼 스트라케

비벌리 힐스의 진짜 주부들 — 계절:12 — 사진: (ㄹ-r) 다이애나 젠킨스, Crystal Minkoff, 에리카 지라르디, 카일 리차드, 가르셀 보베, 도릿 켐슬리, 리사 린나, 서튼 스트라케
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Following the musical performance, Diana sat with Lisa, 59, and Erika. But Erika announced she was “NS—ing litand ordered another drink. “I’d like the champagne orgasm moment,” 그녀가 말했다.

어느 순간, Lisa tried to get Erika to put her drink down but she refused. 캐시 힐튼 later joined the conversation and Erika tried to explain why she didn’t attend her daughter 파리‘ 혼례.

After noting that she wanted to get some things off her chest, Erika said with slurred speech, “You invited me to a lot of events. 그리고 진실은, I didn’t want to bring my scorn and my fing Scarlett letter on to your daughters and on to you.

She then broke down in tears. “I didn’t want to bring that fing shame,” 그녀는 덧붙였다.

캐시, 63, eventually walked away and joined Kyle, 53, 결정, Garcelle, 그리고 Sheree Zampino, who all asked how Erika was doing. “It’s getting out of control,” Kathy responded.

Garcelle told Kathy about how inappropriate Erika had been towards her 14-year-old son at her birthday party four weeks prior. “You don’t ever want to put yourself in a position of drinking and then losing control and doing something stupid,” 캐시가 말했다.

Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi

Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi
리사 린나 (왼쪽) and Erika Girardi
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But Garcelle was firm in her stance on the subject. “I know we’re all friends and I just feel like sometimes we can’t always be in denial just for the safety of our friendship,” 그녀가 말했다, before bringing up howout of controlintoxicated Erika was in Mexico and on the boat.

I think I’m ultra-sensitive to, if someone says this person’s drinking too much, 솔직히, because of our sister, 우리 모두는 당신이 당신의 호텔 방에 머물고 내 자신의 호텔 방에 머무를 것이라는 데 동의했습니다.,” Kyle said. 고해성사에서, 그녀는 덧붙였다, “It’s very dangerous to throw around labels like that, like a drinking problem. And Garcelle wants me to say that, she’s baiting me. 그래서, I’m not doing that.

But I’m just saying that sometimes there doesn’t need to be an excuse for something. It can just be bad,” Garcelle replied.

In her own confessional, 그녀가 말했다, “Maybe tonight will be the night where everybody sees that Erika is having a hard time. 내 말은, I’ve been saying it all along. I know I’m right. I don’t wanna be right but it’s happening right in front of us.

But it should not be an excuse for poor behavior,” Crystal told Kyle and Garcelle.

I think Kyle’s idea of being a loyal friend is 100% backing the person,” Crystal said in a confessional. “I actually disagree on that. When I’m doing something wrong, I expect my good friends to call me out, not just back me blindly.

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다음 날, Lisa went to Erika’s house to have an honest conversation with her. After expressing concern, Lisa told Erika she was “NS—직면” at the party and that she was slurring her words. Lisa then asked if she blacked out when she got home.

“응, I hit my head,” Erika confessed. “Then I vomited. This is the fallout of everything that happened,” 그녀는 덧붙였다, referring to her divorce and scandal.

With the anti-depressants, what happens is one drink is five times stronger, maybe more,” Lisa said. “You were out of control.

관련 영상: 에리카 지라르디 Admits She ‘Learned a LessonAfter Cursing Out 가르셀 보베‘ 14-Year-Old Son

Erika eventually agreed that her actions had been reckless. “진실은, I could’ve hurt myself,” 그녀는 인정했다. “It just can’t happen like that.

You have gone through a tremendous trauma,” Lisa told her. “Your husband was not the guy that you or any of us thought he was and you have had to deal with it because you were married to him. You went to this place because you’re in a lot of pain.

I come from experience. I’ve seen it,” Lisa said in her confessional, noting how her sister, Laurene, died from a drug overdose when she was just 6 살이에요. “그래서, I understand why Erika would want to self-medicate or numb herself or try to have a good time or what not. I understand it.

You have to stop this now because you can’t do it anymore,” she said to Erika. “It’s just not who you are.

Though Erika admitted the truth was hard to accept, she agreed. “Because I’ve always prided myself on always being so controlled, I pushed it too far. I did the wrong thing. 때때로, 알 잖아, it’s hard to be really honest with your friends but thank you for saying, '이봐, 당신은 무엇을 알고, you gotta stop that s‘.

We all hit rock bottom. Everybody has a rock bottom moment. I think that this is yours,” Lisa said.

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