Stevie Nicks Cancels Remaining 2021 Concerts Due to COVID: 'Estou devastado’

Stevie Nicks Cancels Remaining 2021 Concerts Due to COVID: 'I'm Devastated'

Stevie Nicks has canceled her performances for the rest of the year due to the current rise of coronavirus cases across the country.

The 73-year-old rock icon shared the news on Instagram Tuesday, emphasizing her need to continue taking caution with her health as she gets older.

These are challenging times with challenging decisions that have to be made. I want everyone to be safe and healthy and the rising Covid cases should be of concern to all of us,” ela escreveu.

While I’m vaccinated, at my age I am still being extremely cautious and for that reason have decided to skip the five performances I had planned for 2021,” ela continuou. “Because singing and performing have been my whole life, my primary goal is to keep healthy so I can continue singing for the next decade or longer.

The former Fleetwood Mac singer added, “I’m devastated and I know the fans are disappointed, but we will look towards a brighter 2022.

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Nicks was scheduled to perform at the Jazz Aspen Festival, BottleRock Napa Valley, both weekends of the Austin City Limits Music Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest).

stevie nicks

stevie nicks

Na segunda-feira, Jazz Fest organizers canceled the entire event for the second year in a row due to the ongoing pandemic. Other events that Nicks pulled from are still scheduled to take place. Shortly after her announcement, BottleRock shared that Chris Stapleton vai replace her in the headlining spot.

em agosto 2020, Nicks shared excerpts from her journal on social media, urging her followers to take the coronavirus seriously and wear a mask.

If I get it, I will probably never sing again,” ela escreveu no Twitter, comparing the pandemic to an episode of história de horror americana. “Put me on a ventilator and I will be hoarse for the rest of my life.

This virus can kill you. It can kill me,” ela adicionou. “Kill the chance that any of us in the music community will ever get back to the stage.

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