Reporters Recall ‘Condescending Lectures from Hollywood ExecsPrior to Publishing Weinstein Investigation

Cast of the film "그녀가 말했다"

Cast of the film "그녀가 말했다"

사진: Celeste Sloman for Universal Pictures

History’s shorthand neatly sums up Harvey Weinstein‘s downfall like this: A powerful newspaper hitpublishon a bombshell investigation, and overnight the movie mogul’s chokehold on Hollywood came undone.

But five years ago, it was anything but inevitable that Weinstein would wind up stripped of his influence and sentenced to 23 감옥에서 몇 년 in New York for sex crimes, ~와 함께 a second trial in Los Angeles in full swing.

The new film 그녀가 말했다, 지금 극장에서, offers a chilling cat-and-mouse-style retelling of how 뉴욕 타임즈 reporters Megan Twohey (에 의해 연주 된 캐리 멀리건) and Jodi Kantor (에 의해 연주 된 Zoe Kazan) withstood intimidation, dead ends and the shrugs of Hollywood insiders as they toiled for months in 2017 chasing printable proof of Weinstein’s sordid behavior.

We had listened to condescending lectures from Hollywood executives who said, ‘Sexual harassment is just part of Hollywood. It’s structurally baked into the way business is done. Everybody knows Weinstein does this stuff,’ ” recalls Kantor in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

We were told there was nothing that would change it,” adds Twohey. “And boy, were they wrong.

(왼쪽에서) Jodi Kantor (Zoe Kazan) and Megan Twohey (캐리 멀리건) in She Said, directed by Maria Schrader

(왼쪽에서) Jodi Kantor (Zoe Kazan) and Megan Twohey (캐리 멀리건) in She Said, directed by Maria Schrader

JoJo Whilden/Universal Pictures

스토리를 놓치지 마세요. PEOPLE의 무료 주간 뉴스레터 매주 금요일 받은편지함으로 한 주의 가장 큰 뉴스를 받아보세요..

But it took persistence and backbone to get there. Twohey and Kantor had to gain the trust of victims of Weinstein’s predation, from actresses like 애슐리 저드 (WHO appears in 그녀가 말했다 as herself) 그리고 기네스 팰트로 (who recorded her voice for the film) to Weinstein’s former assistants who had since fled the industry.

Their initial 3,321-word report, published in October 2017, also leaned onthe legal and financial trail of the settlements, the money they gave all of these women over the years to keep them silent,” says Kantor. “What we were trying to do was build a secure platform of evidence for these women to stand on so that it wasn’t just their voices alone.

처음에 “it wasn’t a big groupof sources willing to come forward with accusations and evidence about Weinstein, says Kantor, equating it to asmall conference roomof people who participated in that first story. “And yet it turns out that the power of their stories was really enormous.

아직, when the investigation finally published, the reporters — along with women in the entertainment world — had no idea what the response would be.

“솔직히, 생각했던 기억이 나네요, ‘I wonder if this is going to change anything?’ ” says Kazan. “It’s very easy in 2022 to forget that in 2017 [Weinstein] seemed like an untouchable person. He had been powerful for so long.

But the effects were swift, sparking a global #MeToo reckoning and new protocols in Hollywood, from zero-tolerance sexual harassment policies to the rise of intimacy coordinators used on set for actorssafety. Mulligan remembers feeling an immediate shift while prepping for a stage show in January 2018.

The first day of rehearsals I had a code of conduct to read that was three pages long with the director, the writer and the stage crew,” 그녀는 회상한다. “And we all read it and signed it. It was the first time I’d had what was expected from me on set, in terms of behavior, ever laid out. That felt very new. And that’s been maintained on everything that I’ve done since then.

궁극적으로, ~ 위에 80 women came forward with allegations of Weinstein’s sexual abuse and harassment following the 타임스 보고서, which was joined by a 뉴요커 investigation. But five years later, some worry the pendulum has begun to swing back on the effects of #MeToo.

Five years is actually a pretty short period of time,” says Twohey. “But we are, for the very first time, starting to see the scale of this problem that’s remained hidden for so long. It’s clear that there still needs to be a lot of systemic change. This wasn’t just a story about one bad man. This was also a story about the systems that allowed harassment and abuse to flourish.

그녀가 말했다 지금 극장에 있다.

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