Pamela Anderson and Fourth Husband ‘Fell Out of Love’ Antes da Divisão: She Was ‘Hoping for the Best

Pamela Anderson and Fourth Husband 'Fell Out of Love' Before Split: She Was 'Hoping for the Best'

Before their split, Pamela Anderson believed her marriage to Dan Hayhurst would last.

Pamela went into this relationship hopefully,” uma fonte disse à PEOPLE. “She goes into everything hoping for the best. She thinks every marriage will be her last.

Anderson married Hayhurst, a builder and her bodyguard, em dez. 24, 2020, at her home in Vancouver Island, Canadá.

I think they had a lot in common especially their love of Vancouver Island,” diz a fonte. “But they fell out of love.

A representative for the Então, obviamente alum told PEOPLE on Thursday the actress had split from Hayhurst and filed for divorce in Canada.

PEOPLE confirmed Anderson’s relationship with Hayhurst in September 2020, seven months after she split from her ex Jon Peters.

UMA fonte disse à PEOPLE at the time that Hayhurst and Anderson hadbeen together for a while.

“ela esta muito feliz,” the source said of Anderson. “And they’ve been together for the entire pandemia. She’s super happy and he’s been helping her fix up her home on Vancouver Island.

The actress and model appeared on the British talk show Loose Women last February alongside Hayhurst for a long-distance video interview with the then-newlyweds answering questions about their nuptials while in bed.

Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst
Dan Hayhurst and Pamela Anderson
| Crédito: loose women/youtube

Anderson said she and Hayhurst met on her family property. “He was working here and I got stuck here during COVID and we stuck together,” ela disse, laughing and adding, “We’re still stuck together.

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He’s the kinda guy I would have met if I didn’t go round the world and get crazy,” Anderson shared. “It’s nice to be with a real man who can actually change a lightbulb. He’s useful. É uma coisa nova.”

This was Anderson’s fourth marriage. She married Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in 1995 but the two divorced in 1998. They have two sons together: Brandon Thomas e Dylan Jagger.

The actress later married and divorced Kid Rock in 2006. Then she married and divorced producer Rick Solomon twice — in 2007 e 2013. Both marriages to Solomon dissolved in less than a year.