Olivia Rodrigo Fangirls Over Avril Lavigne as She Accepts Songwriter Award: ‘So Surreal

Olivia Rodrigo Fangirls Over Avril Lavigne as She Accepts Songwriter Award: 'So Surreal'

올리비아 로드리고 is having a fangirl moment!

토요일에, the 18-year-old “운전 면허증” singer was presented with the Songwriter of the Year award at the 다양성 Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles by fellow female rocker 에이브릴 라빈.

Upon accepting the award, Rodrigo admitted she was a huge fan of theSk8er Boy” 가수, 37.

“가장 먼저, I want to thank Avril for coming here today. I am such a massive fan of you I look up to you so much. 그래서, this is so surreal for me. Thank you for the love and support,” 그녀는 공유.

Rodrigo added, “I’ve been writing songs since I was like five years old and my favorite part about all of this is that feeling of writing a song that perfectly captures how you feel … so to accept an award for songwriting is really meaningful to me.

I wrote ‘driver’s licenseabout this really hard time for my life, I watched it affect so many people regardless of sexual orientation, or gender or age,” 말했다 고등학교 뮤지컬: 뮤지컬: 시리즈 여배우. “And to me, it’s a really beautiful thing about art, and that was so special for me to not only see how universal all those feelings were, but how music can bring us all together and make us feel less alone.

Rodrigo also explained that herheart and soulare in songwriting and that for listeners toconnect to the music how they have is beyond a dream come true.

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인스 타 그램 토요일, the music star extended her gratitude for the 다양성 recognition. “Thank u @shirleyhalperin 그리고 @variety for naming me songwriter of the year? and thank u sweet avril for giving it to meeee,” she wrote alongside a trio of photos from the event, including one of her and Lavigne posing with her award.

Lavigne graciously responded in the comments section, “You’re an amazing songwriter. Congrats on everything!”

When Rodrigo dropped her debut album 시큼한 5월, she admitted it was deeplypersonal.

Every song is so personal and close to my heart. Getting to share them with people is the most special thing I’ve ever done in my life,” the 7-time Grammy-nominated musician 인스타그램에 쓴 당시, sharing photos from behind the scenes of the project. “Thank u to everyone who made this album happen.

I’m so lucky songwriting and music exists,” Rodrigo added. “I hope you guys enjoy the 34 분과 46 seconds of me spilling my guts out that is called 시큼한. Thank you for helping me turn all my unhappy feelings into one of the best moments of my life.