Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Celebrate Son Malcolm’s First Birthday: ‘My Son, My Joy

올리비아 문

올리비아 문

사진: 엠마 매킨타이어/게티

올리비아 문 그리고 존 멀라니 gave their son Malcolm Hiệp one of the sweetest gifts on his birthday: tons of chocolate cake.

NS X 남자: 묵시 여배우, 42, 공유 multiple photos of baby Malcolm enjoying his first birthday cake on Instagram along with some sweet words for her 1-year-old.

Just got back from celebrating ONE YEAR of the most joyful baby being in this world and in our lives,” Munn said. “내 아들, my joy. Happiest Birthday, Malcolm Hiệp! I love you so so so much.

Munn posted several shots of Malcolm on Mulaney’s lap eating pieces of cake with his small hands. The toddler — wearing a white shirt with gray shorts and a knitted crown with a “1” on it — was quick to get messy, with pieces of chocolate smeared across his face and all over his outfit.

Another one of the photos shows an adorable family moment with Munn smiling while holding out the cake, shaped like an elephant with a trunk and large pink ears, while Mulaney holds the toddler in his arms.

The actress also shared a 재미있는 비디오 showing her mom taking a piece of the cake and feeding it to Malcolm after he hesitated to try it. Munn wrote in the video post, “when your Asian mom gets impatient.

그녀는 덧붙였다, “For what it’s worth, he did start eating the cake after that 😆🎂

Many of the couple’s celebrity friends also wished Malcolm a happy birthday in the comments. 이전의 진짜 주인 지니 마이 젠킨스 댓글을 달다, “Ahhhh happiest birthday em oi!!,” while actress and producer 민디 칼링 말했다, “Yay he’s the best!!! And happy one year of being a mom!”

문과 멀라니, 40, introduced their son to the world in December with a cute Instagram shot of the newborn wrapped in a fluffy blanket with a light blue beanie.

“Malcolm Hiep Mulaney 만나기,” Mulaney said in the 우편. “그는 평생을 앞두고 있다. 그는 아직 셀처를 시도하지도 않았습니다.. 나는 그와 그의 모든 거래를 매우 사랑합니다. 해피 홀리데이.”

그때부터, the couple has shared multiple photos of their son on social media. For Halloween, they dressed their baby up as Munn’s mother Kimberly for his first costume, complete with a black bob wig and a phone.

“우리는 해냈다. We came up w/a Halloween costume we LOVED,” Munn wrote on her Instagram Story.

Munn also shared an adorable video of Malcolm learning how to speak while dressed up in a matching outfit with his dad.

His first word was Daddy/Dada 😍, his second word was chó (Vietnamese for dog), and his third word is car 🚘,” Munn captioned the video.

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Mulaney opened up in June on 늦은 밤 with Seth Meyers about getting to celebrate Father’s Day with his son for the first time.

He got me a plethora of gifts,” Mulaney said. “I woke up, and I had breakfast with him. And his new thing is when I turn the phone on and it’s in selfie mode and I put it on video, he grabs it and slowly brings the camera into his mouth. 그래서, all his films have the same twist ending.