Il farmacista del Minnesota ha citato in giudizio per aver rifiutato di riempire la prescrizione contraccettiva di emergenza della donna

Minnesota Pharmacist Sued After Refusing to Fill Woman's Emergency Contraceptive Prescription

A Minnesota pharmacist is set to go on trial after refusing to fill a woman’s prescription for emergency contraception.

Andrea Anderson is suing longtime pharmacist George Badeaux under the Minnesota Human Rights Act after an incident in 2019 where he refused to fill her prescription for a morning-after pill based on his religious beliefs. The state law prohibits discrimination based on sex, including issues related to pregnancy and childbirth.

The civil lawsuit states that after refusing to fill the prescription, Badeaux also refused to tell Anderson where else she could get it filled, as required by state law, Notizie NBC rapporti. Anderson was later able to receive her prescription at a different pharmacy.

Jury selection for the case began Monday and the case is expected to conclude this week, per Notizie CBS.

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The trial comes as a number of political leaders have been vocal about their desire to see bans and restrictions on contraceptives following the end of [object Window]. [object Window].

Soprattutto, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas penned a concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationquale overturned the constitutional right to abortion — and suggested the court reconsider other key decisions, Compreso Griswold v. Connecticut, the ruling that currently protects the right to buy and use contraceptives without government restriction.

La settimana scorsa, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would protect the right to contraception. The bill, called the Right to Contraception Act, would guarantee the right for access to birth control and protect a variety of contraceptives. It would also ensure that health care providers have the right to provide contraception to patients.

Nelle ultime settimane, there has also been a surge in demand for emergency contraceptives. Secondo il American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, emergency contraceptionreduces the chance of pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Emergency contraception can be used afterforgetting to take several birth control pills in a row, having a condom break or slip off, or not using a birth control method during sex. It also can be used after a woman has been raped,” secondo l'organizzazione.

Lo scorso mese, a pharmaceutical company submitted an application to the Food and Drug Administration for the first-ever over-the-counter birth control pill in the United States.

Though the company, HRA Pharma, said its application was unrelated to recent events and the timing isa really sad coincidence,” Frédérique Welgryn, chief strategic operations and innovation officer at HRA Pharma, called the movea groundbreaking moment in contraceptive access and reproductive equity in the U.S.