Meet the Man Behind Daddy Pig: Richard Ridings on ‘Keeping the Magic Alive’ ~을위한 18 연령

Meet the Man Behind Daddy Pig: Richard Ridings on 'Keeping the Magic Alive' for 18 연령

에서 18 years that the hit British children’s series 페파피그 has charmed kids across the globe, several voices for Peppa have come and gone but there’s only been one Daddy Pig: Richard Ridings.

PEOPLE 단독 인터뷰에서, Ridings, 63, opens up about his longtime role as the patriarchal pig and why it continues to be acomplete joyfor him to be part of the beloved kids’ 보여 주다.

The writing has always been wonderful, the story-telling,” says Ridings, who has been on the show since its start in 2004. “Beautiful little stories.

Ridings, who is a father himself, says it’s a “기쁨” to keep coming back to the role as Daddy Pig, who shares daughter Peppa and son George with Mummy Pig. “I love doing itit’s just a lovely thing to be part of, and I’m very grateful,” 그는 덧붙인다.

Part of what makes the role so special for Ridings is his ability tokeep the magic aliveand bring Daddy Pig into the real world.

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PEPPA PIG, (왼쪽에서): Daddy Pig, 페파피그, Mummy Pig, George Pig, 'Castle',

PEPPA PIG, (왼쪽에서): Daddy Pig, 페파피그, Mummy Pig, George Pig, ‘Castle’,
신용 거래: Nickelodeon /Courtesy Everett Collection

Ridings recalls one fond memory of being at the supermarket with his daughter Freya when a young girl recognized Daddy Pig’s voice while shopping with her mom.

It is quite close to my natural speaking voice,” Ridings says. “There was a little girl tugging on her mum’s dress, 속담, “Mummy, Mummy, I think it’s Daddy Pig!’ 너무 달았다, so I had a quiet word [그녀와 함께].”

“나는 말했다, ‘I think I saw him as well, but if you close your eyes, I’ll see if he’ll say ‘Hello,’ ” Ridings shares.

The actor says he often has parents ask him to record videos for their kids, to which he politely declines and offers an audio recording instead.

You can’t take a video because then they’ll see this balding man,” he says with a laugh. “Being able to leave little messages for people and keep the magic alive for people now and again [has made me want to stay on the show]. For the little people, it’s priceless. It really is.

Ridings also says he “분명히” sees similarities between himself and Daddy Pig.

He’s so loving, and understanding, and encouraging,” 배우가 말한다. “[그는] always about trying to make family life a little fun as well, which I like.

As for what continues to give the show staying power, Ridings explains that the series hasso much warmth and wonderful family values deeply embedded in it” 그리고 “funny for the adults as well to watch with their children.

The series also helps to reinforce the idea that it’s okay to make mistakes.

“[Peppa’s] not afraid or ashamed of making mistakes,” 그는 말한다. “I think to a certain extent, we’ve had a culture of you’ve got to get it right the first time. I think that’s very important, that ability to be able to laugh at yourself. Have a go, maybe not succeed, but then have a bit of a laugh.