Meet Father Trekking Hundreds of Miles Barefoot to Help Fund Research for Daughter’s Treatment

Meet Father Trekking Hundreds of Miles Barefoot to Help Fund Research for Daughter's Treatment

This father is going the extra mile — and then some — to support his 9-year-old daughter Hasti, who has a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS).

Chris Brannigan, a 41-year-old retired British Army Major, is currently walking barefoot from Maine to North Carolina in an effort to raise money to create a gene therapy for CdLS.

We knew as soon as Hasti was born that she had some challenges and things weren’t quite right. She had a seizure within 24 hours of being born. She wouldn’t eat willingly for the first year of her life. It took her five years before she even said a word,” he tells 人们 (在教授关于女性的“令人沮丧”的演讲后,学生筹集了超过 12 万美元的奖学金!).

After finally getting a diagnosis six years later, Chris and his wife Hengameh were told that there were no treatment options — an answer theynever accepted.

“是真的, really terrifying because for us, we have such a bright and bubbly little girl in Hasti, and she loves life. But from about age 12, all the studies show that children with CdLS have declining executive function, they have an increase in aggressive behaviors, in ADHD, in autistic spectrum disorder type behaviors, and in some cases they become mute,” 他解释说. “We just don’t want that for Hasti.

Hope for Hasti

Hope for Hasti
Chris Brannigan and daughter Hasti
| 信用: Courtesy Hope for Hasti

去年一月, Chris and his wife founded Hope for Hastiwith the aim of creating a therapy that can treat CdLS.

Our hope is that while this will never cure the condition, that it can elongate our life, that it can improve her health and her health span, her cognitive ability, and hopefully someday enable her to have an independent life,” 他补充说.

coming up with funding has been tough, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need three and a half million dollars to make this a reality for kids,” 他说. “So we knew we had to do something big, something really to grab people’s attention.

克里斯 who did a previous walk in the United Kingdom last year says so far, the barefoot trek across the United States has beenagonizing.

Lots of people walk and cycle, but we thought we need to do something really that will make people look twice, and we’ll hold their attention. That’s why we decided to do it barefoot. Walking’s easy, barefoot it’s so very, 很难. Just like Hasti’s journey,” 他说.

实际上, Chris says thatevery time I feel like I’m tired and I want to stop, and it’s painful, I just remember that being able to choose is a luxury that she doesn’t have.

Hope for Hasti

Hope for Hasti
Chris Brannigan
| 信用: Courtesy Hope for Hasti

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Following his 35-day trek last year, Chris was recognized with a Pride of Britain Award and even earned a shout out from 泰勒斯威夫特.

I was very surprised,” 他说, recalling that the singersaid she was really proud of Hasti and everything she’d gone through to try and create this treatment.

That really lit her up because she loves Taylor’s music,” 他补充说. “Hasti was really over the moon, 你知道? We had to watch it about a million times.

Anyone interested in donating to the Hope For Hasti Just Giving page can do so 这里.