McDonald’s Beloved Shamrock Shake and Oreo Shamrock McFlurry Are Back for Shamrock SZN

McDonald's Beloved Shamrock Shake and Oreo Shamrock McFlurry Are Back for Shamrock SZN

맥도날드 is officially ringing in Shamrock SZN!

The fast food giant is bringing back its Shamrock Shake 그리고 Oreo Shamrock McFlurry his month, the two items returning to participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time beginning Feb. 21.

Their spots on the McDonald’s menu is sure to make longtime customers happy — especially the Shamrock Shake, which has been a staple of McDonald’s spring offerings for over 50 연령.

The green milkshake — made with a creamy vanilla soft serve, blended with the unmistakable minty flavor, and topped with a whipped topping — was first introduced nationally in 1970 by Connecticut McDonald’s Owner and Operator Hal Rosen. He initially created the mint shake in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, but sales from the drink actually ended up helping to build the very first Ronald McDonald House as a way to keep families close during difficult times, specifically after the 3-year-old daughter of a Philadelphia Eagles player was being treated for Leukemia in 1974.

McDonald's Shamrock Shake

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake
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그때부터, the signature green shake has obtained a cult-like fan-base, and as of it’s 50th anniversary in 2020, well more than 60 백만 have been sold.

McDonald’s has also released a couple of special twists on the St. Patty’s Day drink over the years.

에 1980, they released theShamrock Sundaefor a limited time, which consisted of vanilla soft serve topped with a mint-green Shamrock syrup. They also created the World’s Largest Shamrock Shake ~에 2010 in honor of a $10,000 donation to develop a new RMHC house in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. The 24-foot-tall shake was thenpouredinto the Chicago River.

The Oreo Shamrock McFlurry was introduced in 2020. It also features the same soft serve and Shamrock Shake flavor with the addition of Oreo cookie pieces blended throughout.

Shamrock Shake

Shamrock Shake
신용 거래: 맥도날드

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To celebrate Shamrock SZN this year, McDonald’s is giving away thesecret ingredientthat makes their Shamrock desserts so iconic: #cbf2ac, the hex code for their drinksunmistakably minty color.

Fans can show McDonald’s how they’re celebrating with #cbf2ac and #ShamrockShakeSZN! ️It also might lead to a surprise.

Starting Feb. 21, our Shamrock green hex code just might unlock another tasty secret. 그건, if you know where to look,” McDonald’s said in a statement. “Be one of the first to figure out the mystery and you could get a little something special from us.