Lindsay Ell Says She Celebrated with Little Big Town After Passing Her American Citizenship Test

Lindsay Ell Celebrates Receiving Her American Citizenship

Lindsay Ell Celebrates Receiving Her American Citizenship

사진: Lindsay Ell/instagram

Lindsay Ell is officially a dual citizen!

The Canadian country singer, 33, passed her American citizenship test earlier this year and celebrated receiving the official documents on Thursday.

So many blood, sweat, and tears relocating to a place where I knew no one to start building a life,” she wrote alongside a set of images and a video on Instagram.

Ell completed the citizenship process while she performed as an opening act ~을위한 리틀 빅 타운 during the summer.

In the Instagram video, she is seen celebrating alongside her fellow country musicians drinking champagne backstage, surrounded by red, white and blue decorations, 같이 마일리 사이러스‘ “Party in the U.S.A.” 11월에 멕시코로 가족 여행을 떠나는 순간을 포착.

Earlier this year on the road when I passed my citizenship test, @littlebigtown threw me an American party. Here’s to the sweetest people in country music for making me feel so welcome on the road and in this country. ❤️,” she explained in the caption.

Hendrix, Ell’s adorable Pomeranian, also joined in the fun and can be seen playing with a patriotic necklace in one image. The occasion got even sweeter with a cake, seen in another photo, that hadCongratulations on becoming an Americanwritten in brown icing.

Ell finished the post by sharing that she received her official documents on the tenth anniversary of her signing a record deal.

Let this be a reminder that you can do WHATEVER you want to in life if you want it badly enough. I am now proud to be a dual citizen. 🇺🇸 🇨🇦,” 그녀는 적었다.

Whiskey Jam 10th Anniversary

Whiskey Jam 10th Anniversary

Jason Myers

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It has been a special time for Ell.

Ell will join Shania TwainQueen of Me World Tour that launches April 28 in Spokane, 워싱턴.

I remember watching videos of Shania on stage and being like, I want to do that, I want to be her,” she told PEOPLE on the CMA Awards red carpet 11 월. “And now to be able to be direct support with her on tour, it’s wild. It’s so surreal speaking that sentence into existence.

“그들은 말한다, ‘Never meet your heroes,’ and I would say that Shania is definitely the exception to that rule,” 그녀는 덧붙였다, explaining how honored she feels. “She’s so down to earth and so smart. It’s really difficult, as a female artist, to stand up for the things that you believe in, and also do it with class — while being sexy. She just does it so effortlessly. She’s the queen. I can’t think of another female artist that’s inspired me more as a songwriter, as a performer.