Lady Gaga dice che "ha avuto qualche difficoltà psicologica"’ Verso la fine della produzione House of Gucci

Lady Gaga Says She 'Had Some Psychological Difficulty' Near the End of Making House of Gucci

Lady Gaga‘s upcoming role in Casa di Gucci took a toll on the star.

The singer and actress plays Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, which follows the real-life figure as she hires a hitman to kill her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). Gaga posed for the cover of Britannico Vogail numero di dicembre, in edicola venerdì, where she spoke about diving deep into the character.

I had some psychological difficulty at one point towards the end of filming,” Gaga ha detto. “I was either in my hotel room, living and speaking as Reggiani, or I was on set, living and speaking as her.

I remember I went out into Italy one day with a hat on to take a walk. I hadn’t taken a walk in about two months and I panicked,” lei disse. “I thought I was on a movie set.

Lady Gaga Talks Playing Casa di Gucci 'Assassino’ Patrizia Reggiani come una "persona reale"’ e "Non una caricatura"’

Gaga told the magazine she’d been working on her portrayal for three years.

Lady Gaga - Voga

Lady Gaga – Voga
Credito: Steven Meisel

I will be fully honest and transparent: I lived as her (Reggiani) for a year and a half. And I spoke with an accent for nine months of that,” lei disse. “Off camera, I never broke. I stayed with her. It was nearly impossible for me to speak in the accent as a blonde. I instantly had to dye my hair, and I started to live in a way whereby anything that I looked at, anything that I touched, I started to take notice of where and when I could see i soldi.”

The movie chronicles the aftermath of Maurizio’s death after Reggiani hired a hitman to kill him in 1995.

Reggiani, Ora 72, servito 18 anni di carcere ed è stato rilasciato in 2016, ma lei continua a sostenere di essere stata condannata ingiustamente. Nel 2018 speciale People Magazine indaga: crimini di moda, lei disse, “non sono colpevole, ma non sono innocente. Tutte le cose che sono successe sono state un malinteso.”

Lady Gaga - Voga

Lady Gaga – Voga
Credito: Steven Meisel

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Di lunedi, Gaga spoke to Il giornale di Wall Street, where she discussed her new album Amore in vendita with legend Tony Bennett and how she got into character for her cinematic follow-up to her Oscar-nominated performance in È nata una stella.

I knew I was about to play a murderer. I also knew how Tony feels about Italians being represented in film in terms of crime. I wanted to make a real person out of Patrizia, not a caricature,” disse Gaga.

I felt the best way to honor Maurizio and Italians was for my performance to be authentic, from the perspective of a woman. Not an Italian-American woman, but an Italian woman,” lei ha aggiunto.

The film debuts in theaters on Nov. 24.