Kelly Ripa Ramped Up Thirst Traps After Being Followed by Madonna: She ‘Doesn’t Want to See My Kids

켈리 리파, 성모 마리아

켈리 리파, 성모 마리아

켈리 리파 (왼쪽) and Madonna.
사진: 신디 오드/게티; Stephen Lovekin/Getty

켈리 리파 is all about sharing thirst traps — thanks to 성모 마리아 for following her on social media.

에 출연하는 동안 Everything Iconic 팟캐스트, NS 켈리와 라이언과 함께 살기 공동 주최자, 52, revealed that she started posting more shirtless photos of husband 마크 콘수엘로스 to get the attention of the legendary performer.

That happened to me when Madonna followed me and Isaac Boots told me. 그는 마치, '세상에. Madonna followed you and I was like, '뭐? 뭐? 뭐?!’ and I immediately sort of changed everything I posted,” she admitted to host Danny Pellegrino. “I started posting only shirtless photos of Mark because I was like, ‘Madonna doesn’t want to see my kids. She wants to see eye candy.'

Ripa admitted that the change in her social media strategy wasdark-sided.

My thought bubbles of Madonna following me and me feeding her something was like, forget anybody else,” 그녀는 덧붙였다. “I was playing to an audience of one for a while.

As Ripa indicated, she has not been shy to show off her appreciation for her husband’s physique 소셜 미디어에서.

가장 최근에, 8 월, Ripa shared a photo of the 리버데일 alum’s ripped physique leading down to a woven hat, which was resting just below his torso. Ripa cheekily captioned the post: “Adequate sun protection? 🌞☀️🕶

When she later posted the shot on her Instagram Story, Ripa called attention to Consuelos’ “big hat energy

9월, NS Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories author opened up about keeping the spark alive with her husband of 26 연령, revealing their sex life isthe one part of our life that has always been very good.

Even when we’re arguing, it’s good,” she added with a smile. “There is no inhibition whatsoever.

<a href="" 데이터 인링크="진실">켈리 리파</NS> and Mark Consuelos, Executive Producers of Family Reboot on Disney+

<a href="" 데이터 인링크="진실">켈리 리파</NS> and Mark Consuelos, Executive Producers of Family Reboot on Disney+

Maury Phillips/Getty

Ripa and Consuelos celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in May and share three children — sons Michael, 25, 그리고 호아킨, 19, 그리고 딸 롤라, 21.

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