K-Pop Group THE BOYZ Reveal How Well They Know Each Other: 这对夫妇在季节相遇 11 Peas in a Pod

K-Pop Group THE BOYZ Reveal How Well They Know Each Other: 'Like 11 Peas in a Pod'

Since making their debut in 2017, THE BOYZ have solidified their spot as one of K-Pop’s leading boy bands. 凯文, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Sunwoo, 雅各布, 埃里克, Sangyeon, 问, Younghoon, Juhaknyeon and New all say they know each other “很好,” with Kevin going so far as to admit they are “像 11 peas in a pod.Now the guys take PEOPLE Magazine’s K-Pop Quiz to truly put their knowledge to the test.

On the heels of their third single album 特立独行, which topped the charts in Korea, the 11-member group reveal their celebrity crushes, favorite TV shows, biggest fears and so much more. When asked what Sangyeon’s least favorite song to perform is, Eric declares it is Whiplash before changing his answer to Salty, which New thinks must be right because the choreography isreally tricky.” (事实证明, Eric should have trusted his gut because Whiplash is the correct answer.)

The idols weren’t joking about how close they are, as they all know New’s favorite TV show is Korean reality series Begin Again, which he watches every day and hopes to one day appear on. They also properly identify Juhaknyeon’s celebrity crush as fellow K-Pop singer Yoona from the girl group GirlsGeneration. (You’ll have to watch to find out if she knows, 尽管!)

The guys also reveal their inside jokes with one another, their favorite foods to eat forever and who has the most distinct coffee order. And you might be surprised — they all were! — to find out Jacob’s first concert.

The Boyz

The Boyz
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The guys all agree Jacob has the best smile of the group, Eric and Sunwoo get the most votes for being the clumsiest, New is unanimously considered the shyest and Q can sing the highest note – 一种 “dolphin noteas the idols call it.

And Eric and Younghoon share a truly sweet moment that you won’t want to miss!

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