Erika Girardi Is ‘RelievedAfter Handing Over $750K Earrings, Despite Their ‘SentimentalValue: 원천

Erika Girardi Is 'Relieved' After Handing Over $750K Earrings, Despite Their 'Sentimental' Value: 원천

에리카 지라르디is doing the best she canafter a court ordered her to turn over a meaningful piece of jewelry from her estranged husband 톰 지라디.

A judge ruled last week that 베벌리힐스의 진짜 주부들 별, 50, had to turn in NS $750,000 pair of diamond earrings purchased for her in 2007 by Tom, 83, because they are legally consideredstolen propertyin light of allegations that Tom embezzled money from his clients to fund hislavish lifestyle.

It wasn’t easy for [에리카] to part ways with something that was sentimental to her,” a source close to 로브 production tells PEOPLE, “but she knows she needed to do it and she complied.

Erika — who 이혼 신청 from Tom in November 2020 — has repeatedly denied having any part in Tom’s alleged crimes, and an embezzlement suit against her in Illinois was 해고 1월에 (though attorneys affirmed they will file the same suit in California, where the Girardis lived during their 21-year marriage).

에리카와 톰 지라디

에리카와 톰 지라디
에리카와 톰 지라디
| 신용 거래: 제릿 클라크/게티; Steve Eichner/Sipa

The source tells PEOPLE Erika relinquished the earrings “몇달 전,” and adds, “now that the ruling has happened, she’s somewhat relieved a decision has been made and she can officially focus on moving on.

The insider continued, “She honestly just wants all of this behind her and will do whatever is necessary to do so. She is doing the best she can to move forward with her life.

As she attempts to move on, Erika still has to face additional litigation, 를 포함하여 $50 million racketeering suit 그리고 $2.1 백만 “aiding and abettingsuit.

톰, 그 동안에, has been in declining health since being diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. 그는 ~였다 placed under a temporary conservatorship 2월에 2021 그건 이전 비즈니스 파트너도 그해 7월. 이전 비즈니스 파트너도 이전 비즈니스 파트너도 “이전 비즈니스 파트너도” where he is receiving 24-hour care.

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아직, Erika told 이자형!'NS 데일리팝 last month that she’s embracingthe chance to completely start over and be free from over a 20-year marriage and kind of wipe the slate clean in a way.

베벌리힐스의 진짜 주부들 수요일에 방송 8 오후. 그리고 브라보에서.