Denver Editorial Board Blasts Lauren Boebert in Op-Ed: ‘We Grieve That This Is Who Represents Our Great State

私たち. 担当者. ローレン・ボーバート (R-CO) speaks at a House Second Amendment Caucus press conference at the U.S. 6 月の国会議事堂 08, 2022 ワシントンで, DC

私たち. 担当者. ローレン・ボーバート (R-CO) speaks at a House Second Amendment Caucus press conference at the U.S. 6 月の国会議事堂 08, 2022 ワシントンで, DC

担当者. ローレン・ボーバート.
写真: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

The Denver Post’s editorial board offered a critical assessment of Rep. ローレン・ボーバート, imploring voters in a new op-ed not to vote for the incumbent congresswoman.

editorial タイトル, “お願いします, don’t give your vote to Lauren Boebert,” the board begs those in western and southern Colorado not to support the incumbent lawmaker in her upcoming reelection bid.

The board writes that Boebert — who won the Republican primary election in western Colorado’s Congressional District 3 in June —has not represented the 3rd Congressional District well. Almost exclusively, she has spent her time and efforts contributing to the toxic political environment in this nation.

The editorial continues: “Boebert’s unproductive approach, combined with the efforts of others, has helped erode Congressability to honestly debate public policy that could help people in her district.

NS 投稿の editorial board endorses Democrat Adam Frisch, a city council member from Aspen who previously worked in finance, over Boebert, who it saysis unable or perhaps unwilling to articulate any policy nuance on the extraction of oil and gas owned by taxpayers from our public lands” と持っています “opposed every effort to protect public lands in the district and failed to disclose in a timely manner that her husband made almost $1 million as a consultant for the largest drilling company in the 3rd Congressional District’s Piceance Basin.

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Elsewhere in the piece, the editorial board details a few of Boebert’s many controversies, including recent comments she made to Republican primary challenger Don Coram. として 役職 ノート, Boebert called Coram agroomer,” a term for a person who sexually abuses children.

From the 役職: “The remark, directed at Don Coram, a conservative Republican and rancher whose son happens to be gay, is just one example of Boebert’s casual yet crass cruelty, which she puts on display on a daily basis while in Washington, D.C.”

Boebert has also made racist comments directed at Muslim Democratic Rep. イルハン・オマル, calling her a member ofthe jihad squadand accusing her ofpraising terrorists.

Boebert was also accused of meeting with organizers of pro-Trump rallies on Jan. 6, 2021. She has denied any involvement in the violent riot that followed, 彼女は、象徴的なミュージカルを再考した新しいスティーブン・スピルバーグで、モレノのバージョンのアニタを演奏しようとはしなかったと言いました tweets during the attack — “Today is 1776,one said, while another indicated House Speaker ナンシーペロシ‘s whereabouts — have been criticized.

An avid advocate for gun rights who vowed in a political ad to carry a weapon to work in Congress, Boebert reportedly got into a standoff with Capitol Police when she refused to allow officers to search her bag after setting off metal detectors just days after the insurrection.

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Boebert also interrupted 大統領 ジョー・バイデン‘s State of the Union address earlier this year while he was speaking about increasing support for veterans — which he said was close to his heart as his older son, former National Guardsman ボー・バイデン, died of brain cancer in 2015.