Clueless Is 27! Alicia Silverstone Wishes Her ‘Bad B—Character Cher a ‘Happy Anniversary

Clueless Is 27! Alicia Silverstone Wishes Her 'Bad B—' Character Cher a 'Happy Anniversary'

알리시아 실버스톤, 잊다 무서움‘ 기념일? As if!

화요일에, the actress celebrated 27 years since the release of her iconic teen comedy by sharing a video montage of her character Cher on Tik의 톡.

Set to a background track ofBig Energyby Latto, the montage features clips of Cher in a variety of fashionable outfits and memorable scenes, including the moment her dad Mel (Dan Hedaya) asks her, “What the hell is that?” and Cher responds in an innocent voice, “A dress.

“27 여러 해 전에, a bad b*tch was born ???‍♀️ Happy anniversary, 셰어! ? #Clueless #AsIf #90s,” 실버스톤, 45, 캡션에 썼다.

스토리를 놓치지 마세요. PEOPLE의 무료 일간 뉴스레터 PEOPLE이 제공하는 최고의 최신 정보를 유지하기 위해, 흥미진진한 유명인 뉴스부터 흥미진진한 스토리까지.

Released in 1995 and loosely based on Jane Austen'NS 1815 소설 엠마, 무서움 was written and directed by Amy Heckerling and follows 15-year-old Cher Horowitz as she — well, cluelessly — navigates family life, 학교, popularity and the idea of love.

In addition to Silverstone and Hedaya, 무서움star-studded cast also featured Brittany Murphy, Donald Faison, Jeremy Sisto, Stacey Dash, Breckin Meyer, 월레스 숀, Justin Walker, Elisa Donovan, Twink Caplan 그리고 폴 러드 in his film debut.

안에 chat with PEOPLE last year, Donovan, 51, said she still gets recognized “항상” 그녀를 위해 무서움 role of mean girl Amber Mariens, 어느 “always shocks” 그녀의.

She added that fans’ “go-toquote to her is Amber’s classic, “My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose— followed by Dionne Davenport’s (Dash, 55), “잘, there goes your social life.

관련 영상: 무서움 Writer and Director Amy Heckerling Explains Infamous Deleted Scene for 25th Anniversary

To celebrate the classic film’s 26th anniversary 작년, Silverstone enlisted the help of her then-10-year-old son Bear to recreate the iconic scene where Mel disapproves of Cher’s white dress that she wears to go on what she assumes to be a date with Christian (보행자).

Says who?” Bear, as Mel, mouths after his mom tells him she’s wearinga dress,” to which she responds, “Calvin Klein.

It looks like underwear,” the scene continues, in Hedaya’s Mel voice.

실버스톤 게시물에 캡션을 붙였습니다, “What’s up daddy?! ? Today marks 26 years since #Clueless premiered!”