Cindy Crawford Surprises Trainer of 17 Years and Husband, Who Beat Addiction and Cancer, with Home Makeover

[object Window] is giving back to a friend who’s been her rock for 17 연령.

In this Monday’s episode of 연예인 IOU HGTV에서, the supermodel teams up with 부동산 형제드류 그리고 조나단 스콧 to surprise Sarah, her longtime friend and personal trainer. The two see one another as sisters and have leaned on each other through good times and bad.

Sarah and her husband Rick, who is also a personal trainer, recently purchased their first home after decades of renting — a dream that had been put on hold when Rick was diagnosed with cancer and their savings had to be spent on his medical bills.

Crawford and Sarah were together when Sarah got the news about Rick’s diagnosis. “I lost a brother to cancer when I was a kid, so I have some experience even just receiving that diagnosis,” Crawford recalls in the episode.

Cindy was there to watch us get to the other side of that, which was a miraclesays Sarah.

Cindy Crawford Celeb IOU

Cindy Crawford Celeb IOU


커플, who have also overcome addiction and now havedouble-digit sobriety,” as Sarah describes it, also hold weekly recovery meetings in their home and hoped to make their new place a comfortable gathering place for the people they help.

With no money left for necessary renovations after buying the home and only 6 weeks until to their move-in date, Crawford secretly arranged with Rick to surprise Sarah with a complete overhaul of the kitchen, living and dining areas, a powder room and the entryway.

Cindy Crawford Celeb IOU

Cindy Crawford Celeb IOU


스토리를 놓치지 마세요. PEOPLE의 무료 일간 뉴스레터 PEOPLE이 제공하는 최고의 최신 정보를 유지하기 위해, 흥미진진한 유명인 뉴스부터 흥미진진한 스토리까지.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive preview of the episode (~ 위에), 슈퍼모델, 작가, and philanthropist teams up with the twins to get her hands dirty making improvements to the home — as well as teach the realtor and contractor duo how to catwalk.

Today is not just about the supermodel, it’s about the super re-model,” Drew says in the opening clip before he and Jonathan, 둘 다 44, make their attempts at showing off their runway walk to impress Crawford, 56.

“이봐, I’m feeling Zoolander,” Crawford observes as the brothers strut into the house.

The performance hilariously takes a turn after Drew decides to smack the floor. “기다리다, since when is that a fashion show?” Crawford asks. “I think that’s a strip show or something.

Defending himself, Drew replies with a laugh, “잘, I live in Vegas.

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Crawford later gives the brothers a brief lesson on how to perfect a catwalk including taking their jacket off and doing a little turn.

“알 잖아, I forgot to just smile and strut and instead I dropped and twerked, 죄송합니다,” Drew says later as he reflects on his performance.

Crawford’s episode of 연예인 IOU 월요일 첫 방송, 12월. 12, ~에 9 오후. ET/PT on HGTV and will be available to stream on discovery+.