Christina Ricci Says She Doesn’t ‘Feel Like a Victim in Any WayAfter Alleged Abuse from Ex



写真: ステファニーキーナン/ゲッティ

最近のインタビューで, クリスティーナ・リッチ 彼女は言った “so much better than okayafter accusing ex-husband James Heerdegen of abuse last year, に説明する サンデータイムズ why she’s ready to start opening up about her experience.

I think it is important to say that I don’t feel like a victim in any way,” ゴールデングローブ賞候補, 42, 説明. “I don’t feel sorry for myself. I don’t even feel like saying, '上手, it’s been a really hard road for me.'

Everybody has their personal issues and this has been mine, and it has been about finding my own self-worth and position and strength and power. I tell my story only because I know that, having been in situations like the one I was in, I searched for success stories, stories of people who could get out, could get over it and just be okay,” said Ricci.

彼女は続けた: “And so the fact that now I am in this place where I am so much better than OK, that is my impetus for being honest about it. Today I am not ready to talk about it in more depth, but I do think it is important that we have examples for other women — that, as scary as it is, changing your life and saving yourself is the only choice.

リッチ 離婚を申請 from Heerdegen after almost seven years of marriage in July 2020, when she was granted an emergency protective order after police were called to their home the previous month.

1月に 2021, Ricci obtained a restraining order against Heerdegen, 引用 “severe physical and emotional abuse,” allegations that he denied. 彼らは後で agreed on a custody arrangement for their son Freddie, 8, その4月.

“良い, I can’t speak for everyone, but it took me a long time to admit to myself what was going on, what it should be called. Denial is very strong,” Ricci told タイムズ. “もちろん, you don’t want to accept that the worst possible thing is happening and that you put yourself in that situation. So it took me a really long time to realize that.

NS イエロージャケッツ スター 結び目を結びました with hairstylist Mark Hampton 昨年10月, そして彼らが 彼らの最初の赤ちゃんを歓迎しました 一緒, 娘 Cleopatra Ricci, 11 月, 12月中.

Ricci raved about her new marriage in August while appearing on アンナファリスUnqualified ポッドキャスト. “I would say — and this sounds really annoying and cloying and stupid — but I would say the first time I really fell in love in a healthy way is probably this marriage that I’m in now,” 彼女は言いました.

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