Chris Lane diz que 'nunca quis se casar’ Chris Lane diz que 'nunca quis se casar

Chris Lane Says He 'Never Wanted to Get Married' Before Meeting Wife Lauren Bushnell Lane

Chris Lane‘s bachelor days are long behind him, yet the country star didn’t always see marriage and fatherhood in his future before meeting his wife Lauren Bushnell Lane.

I never wanted kids,” Lane revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight na quinta feira. “I honestly never wanted to get married. None of that.

O “Ain’t Even Met You Yet” cantor, 37, e a Bacharel alúmen, 32, tied the knot in October 2019 and are now pais to their 7-month-old son Dutton Walker.

Lane explained that becoming a father to Dutton wastruly the best thing in the world.

The day he was born, and I haven’t told anybody this, but I cried my eyes out, because I felt like I was praying, somente, ‘Lord, thank you so much for not listening to me for all those years that I said I never wanted that,'” ele disse E‘s Cassie DiLaura. “I wouldn’t have known what I was missing out on.

Chris Lane

Chris Lane
Dutton and Chris Lane
| Crédito: Lauren Lane/Instagram

It was starting a relationship with his wife in 2018 that proved to be a game-changer for Lane and made him the family man he is today.

You meet somebody that makes you want to change your mindset and then makes you want that,” ele disse.

faixa, who is currently on his Fill Them Boots tour, revealed that he and his wife are hoping to expand their family in the future.

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I know Lauren wants a little girl eventually, so I want that for her,” ele revelou. “I prayed hard for a little boy, and I have that. Então, now I want what she wants.

After welcoming Dutton last year, faixa abriu to PEOPLE about parenthood.

Watching Lauren be a mom is my favorite thing in the world,” he said at that time.