Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane Celebrate First Thanksgiving as Family of Four with Sweet Photos一个. Lauren Lane/Instagram一个. Lauren Lane/Instagram

照片: Lauren Lane/Instagram

克里斯Lauren Lane are celebrating their first thanksgiving as a family of four.

乡村之星, 38, 和 学士 明矾, 32, shared a set of photos on their Instagram Story with their two kids, Dutton Walker and Baker Weston, who was just born last month.

In the relaxed family photo, Chris and Lauren pose together on their porch, each with a child in their lap. Chris holds Dutton, wearing olive green overalls, while Lauren holds baby Baker in a white sweater onesie.

劳伦 为照片加上了标题, “My little turkeys 🦃

The couple opted for casual wear, with Chris sporting a flannel long-sleeve and ripped jeans and Lauren wearing a comfortable beige sweater and matching pants.

The former reality star also posted some outtakes from their Thanksgiving photo session on her Instagram story. 在一张照片中, Lauren points at the camera to get the boys to look in its direction while Chris laughs.一个. Lauren Lane/Instagram一个. Lauren Lane/Instagram

Lauren Lane/Instagram

She wrote, “Photos w/toddlers 😅.

Lauren also posted a selfie with baby Baker in her arms and wished her 1.5 million followers a “感恩节快乐!!!”

The couple welcomed baby Baker 上个月, posting a photo of the family of four as well as a sweet video of Dutton meeting his baby brother for the first time.

Life just got 8 Pounds Sweeter! 家人 4 现在!!,” 克里斯 张贴 在 Instagram 上.一个. Lauren Lane/Instagram一个. Lauren Lane/Instagram

Lauren Lane/Instagram

After his birth, 劳伦 打开 about hisvery chaotic, unplanned and panickeddelivery.

Our little man surprised us nine days early, late Sunday night. Still laughing thinking about my water breaking (very aggressive, movie-like situation) driving myself to the hospital in Christruck (pantless btw) because my car was out of gas and Dutton was sleeping 😵‍💫,” 她 共享 在 Instagram 上.

不错过任何一个故事——注册 人们的免费每日通讯 及时了解人们所提供的最好的东西, 从多汁的名人新闻到引人入胜的人类兴趣故事.

但, she added thatthe minute he came into this world, he’s been nothing but peaceful and perfect. We love you Baker, welcome to the 🌍!”

自那以后, the couple has been relishing their time together with their two children, even dressing up in coordinated outfits for Halloween. The couple shared a photo wearing Mickey Mouse ears, with their toddler in a full-character costume to celebrate the holiday.

I’m not sure how we’ll ever get anywhere on time or if my house will ever be clean again, but I sure do love our little family of four,” Lauren said.