Cam Ayala dice che Hannah Brown ha inviato un "messaggio molto lungo e dolce".’ Dopo l'amputazione della gamba

Cam Ayala Says Hannah Brown Sent 'Very Long and Sweet Message' Following His Leg Amputation

Cam Ayala revealed Hannah Brown reached out to him after his leg amputation surgery last month.

Ayala — who competed on Brown’s season of L'addio al nubilatosaid the reality star sent him a message on Instagram but he has yet to hear from any of his fellow contestants.

“Per il record, Hannah Brown did just reach out to me via DM last night and sent a very long and sweet message,” he wrote in response to a post by Bachelor fan thatbachlexx. “As for the other guys in my season…

Cam Ayala Amputation.

Cam Ayala Amputation.
Credito: Cam Ayala/Instagram

Il Laurea in paradiso alum also opened up about his experience on the reality series after the show documentato him crashing a group date he wasn’t invited on and stealing Hannah during serious and sensitive conversations with other men.

It was a super unfortunate situation that has caused PTSD that I’ve struggled with the past 3 anni,” ha condiviso. “But I’m no longer angry or bitter, this journey has brought me closer to God and helped me to take inventory of the important things in my life.

Lo scorso mese, Ayala shared an update for fans as he recovered from leg amputation surgery.

Ayala posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram from the moments after his surgery to remove most of his right leg.

In one video from Texas Medical Center, Ayala was seen using a walker with the help of his doctors. As he walked back into the room, the friend recording said to himgreat job, uomo.”

Ayala, 33, sottotitolato il post, “Gotta lotta BROMENTUM with @b.rapp.He dubbed himself aCAMputeewith a series of hashtags includingFAITHoverFEAR.

Ayala underwent the amputation as another step in his life-long battle with lymphedema, a chronic disease with no cure that results in the buildup of fluid in soft tissues and causes swelling in the arms and legs. The former reality star was born with the disease, which mostly affected his right leg. Dopo 16 knee surgeries over the past seven years, he’s been preparing for thistransformativeamputation for a while.

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Ayala previously partnered insieme a Kathy Bates, who also has thedebilitatingchronic disease, to raise awareness.