Brooklyn Decker revela a tarefa desconfortável que ela pediu a uma amiga para fazer logo após o parto

Brooklyn Decker revela a tarefa desconfortável que ela pediu a uma amiga para fazer logo após o parto

Brooklyn Decker is shouting out a loyal friend for helping her out with an uncomfortable task after childbirth.

In this week’s episode of PEOPLE’s podcast Me Tornando Mãe, the 34-year-old reveals the job she asked one of her friends to do after she gave birth to her first child. Decker is mom to son Hank, 6, and daughter Stevie, 4, Com o marido Andy Roddick.

My best friend came that day [I had my son] and she at that point had not had children. And I’m like ‘Jen, I can’t look at [my vagina] because I think it’ll traumatize me forever but I need someone to take in what’s happening down there,’ ” she tells host Zoë Ruderman, Chefe de Digital da PEOPLE.

And I took her to the bathroom and I literally bent over and had my best friend just take a physical record of what was going on so someone could tell me what was happening. Because so many people had commented on like stitches and this and that,” recalls Decker, who has teamed up with Bodily, a resource for all things women’s bodies and maternal health.

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“E ela é como, 'OK, yep it’s seared in my brain. There’s a physical record.’ E sim, now she has to carry that with her the rest of her life. That’s friendship right there,” ela diz.

Em outra parte do episódio, Decker speaks candidly about her difficult postpartum recovery, telling Ruderman about having blood clots and bleeding nipples among other things.

The clots started to come. And my mom, being a nurse, but not labor and delivery, era como, ‘This is in any other circumstance not normal,’ ” recalls Decker. “I’m seeing them in the toilet, I’m seeing them in the diaper mesh short pad ice pack situation that’s all layered under them. The nurse came in and saw them and she goes, ‘These are totally normal. If they get bigger than a golf ball, call me.’ “

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